Ceng Liyao "Lost City" in the mountains at night, staged a love triangle – Entertainment Sohu   Liyao had "Lost City" in the love triangle Sohu entertainment news media produced by Jiangsu Yongle, the lily directed suspense film "burning brain — lost city" has been in Xuzhou shooting wildly beating gongs and drums. "Lost City" story revolves around multiple personalities, as horror, suspense, burning brain big movie, which characters death several times, love and entanglement, staged one of the last mystery, schemes and intrigues, but unexpectedly, let people to daydream. "Lost City" or whether it is the story of the shooting have been discussed with the consideration of strict, the final movie is full of people looking forward to. The new sweet goddess once Liyao this time in the movie as a female "both", is a heavy and mysterious character. "Because if you look at the character, you don’t know if the person is alive or dead." Ceng Liyao said "the role as both dependent on someone else, only live in someone else’s dream or imagination, like a ghost." But in fact many mysteries, for such a difficult role, had Liyao feel very worth their challenges, and that the final truth will let you be struck dumb, absolutely unexpected, so we must carefully watch until the last minute can. It is worth mentioning that the play had Liyao great scenes is the feeling of the line, there are emotional entanglements with two actors, but had Liyao smiling without a word, said not so easy to see, and the film suspense and terror are very confident. Do not believe what they see, in fact, how to rely on everyone to explore." In order to create a real atmosphere in the movie, the location chosen in the mountains in a hostel, the wilderness is full of horror, the film is expected to soon fixing, and released simultaneously in the popular video site, that will give the audience a set of suspense, horror, horror, love and other elements for high quality film body.   相关的主题文章:

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