Chen Ruolin of secretary of municipal Party committee to ask about future plans that will make planning         8, Olympic champion Chen Ruolin and Nantong city children’s amateur sports school teachers and students together. Lu Jianguo, Nanjing, September 9 (Xinhua) (Lu Jianguo), 9, the CPC Nantong municipal committee secretary, mayor of the city of China, such as the Olympic champion met in,, and so on, on the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party of China (CPC), Nantong, china. Lu Zhipeng said, Chen Ruolin again won the Olympic Games in Rio, Nantong has created seven Olympic gold medal session saw the miracle, writing a new brilliant, not only to bring honor to the motherland and the people of his hometown of Jiangsu, but also to Nantong for Chen Ruolin proud achievements. Lu Zhipeng is also very concerned about Chen Ruolin’s next plan. Chen Ruolin said that for the future, she has no specific thinking, she said to be well planned. She said she had promised grandparents, after the Olympic Games to take them out to travel, temporarily unable to cash. Tomorrow I will leave Nantong for Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. 9, 2009, the CPC Nantong Municipal Committee Lu Zhipeng met with Olympic champion Chen Ruolin. Photo by Qian Xianhua on the afternoon of 8, Chen Ruolin returned to his hometown in Nantong, the first station to reach her diving career starting place — Nantong city children’s amateur sports school. She said, every time I come back to see his alma mater, alma mater did not change much, only the original springboard, trampoline, now some more training equipment. See is training the alumni, Chen Ruolin said, as if to see a child of their own. Lu Zhipeng also said the same day, I hope all kinds of sports schools in Nantong continue to increase reserve personnel training, for the country to select and train more outstanding sports talent. Chen Ruolin was born in 1992, 2001 in Nantong city children’s amateur sports school to practice diving project, in 2005 the national team in 2008, won the ten meter diving single and double diving two gold medals in the Olympic Games, the 2012 London Olympic Games successfully defending 10 meters platform single and double project, in August 10th this year, the Rio Olympic Games, Chen Ruolin again won the Olympic gold medal. At this point, Chen Ruolin created the women’s platform three consecutive Olympic Legend, and with 5 gold medals with Wu Minxia, Zou Kai tied for the China Olympic history won the most gold players, is the youngest of five trophies. (end)相关的主题文章:

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