China construction was completed at the end of the South China Sea Islands beauty resorted to a missile – Sohu military channel map information: ATACMS tactical missile (BlockI anti personnel) release of submunitions footage. Reference News Network reported on November 12th: U.S. media said that China seems to be rapidly advancing the progress of the construction of artificial island base, and may change the military forces in the South China Sea contrast. U.S. National Intelligence Director James clapper? Estimates, this batch of island bases will make Chinese have deployed a series of offensive and defensive military power "and" ability important ability in the region to quickly put on the offensive military forces". He also said that these facilities may be completed in late 2016 or early 2017, and now this time range depends on us. The "national interest" bimonthly website published November 10th "United States Army long-range missile is the best weapon to suppress the" artificial islands Chinese article said, in order to let the United States keep ability to safeguard its national interests in the South China sea and the implementation of the intervention, the United States needs to quickly develop the innovation plan and the means to deal with these islands and the base. In a few months instead of years out of action. The article said that military history shows that the most effective military innovation is usually taken into account in the case of specific opponents and combat challenges. As the scholar Mcgregor Knox and Williamsen Murray?? "1300-2050 said in the years of military revolution" situation in the book, a number of major military innovation — produced between the two world wars of the combined arms ground operations, combat aircraft and amphibious operations — is formed in the specific excitation reality under the opponent. Similarly, the first and second "countervailing strategies" during the cold war were designed to deal with the specific challenges posed by the Soviet Union in the European theater by taking advantage of the United States’ nuclear weapons and precision strikes. With the U.S. Army and Marine Corps to promote its new multi field combat concept, Chinese rapid development of artificial island base situation formed an increasingly prominent problem, need military specific solutions, and fast. The article cited the U.S. Army and Marine Corps Arsenal now has or will have the future surface to surface missile: Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS, already in service) and long-range precision fire missiles (LRPF, currently under development, plans to deploy in 2027). Although Chinese in the past ten or twenty years has deployed a large number of precision strike range surface to surface ballistic and cruise missiles, the United States is in the slow, to a certain extent by the "inf treaty" constraints, but also because of the presence of unrest — Chinese leaders apparently do not have the same anxiety to deploy non nuclear ballistic missile practice. As a result, the United States of offshore power delivery and large-scale precision attack concept is mainly concerned about the traditional combat platforms such as fighters, long-range bombers and aircraft carriers. China’s artificial islands close to the territory of the United States allies, coupled with the planned LRPF missile range will be farther, which provides a chance to take another approach. The article said, should come.相关的主题文章:

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