Chinese will promote new residential blocks were no longer built residential areas close to the Sohu news [China will in principle no longer closed residential construction] "the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the city planning and construction management work of a number of opinions" put forward our country to promote the new residential district, in principle no longer closed residential construction. The built residential district and unit courtyard should be opened step by step to realize the publicity of the internal road, solve the problem of traffic network layout, and promote the use of land. In addition to establish a "city road layout concept of narrow road, road network, road network system construction of expressway, primary and secondary roads and branch reasonable gradation. Urban parks are free to open to residents in principle. There will be more green spaces left in the future". The opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction put forward that we should strengthen the function of green space service for residents’ daily activities, so that citizens can see the green space and close to the green space near the home. Urban parks are open to residents free of charge in principle. A cleaning vacate the illegal occupation of public space.

中国新建住宅将推广街区制 不再建封闭住宅小区-搜狐新闻  【我国将原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区】《中共中央国务院关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》提出,我国新建住宅要推广街区制,原则上不再建设封闭住宅小区。已建成的住宅小区和单位大院要逐步打开,实现内部道路公共化,解决交通路网布局问题,促进土地节约利用。另外要树立“窄马路、密路网”的城市道路布局理念,建设快速路、主次干路和支路级配合理的道路网系统。   【城市公园原则上要免费向居民开放】未来城市将会有更多绿色“留白”。《中共中央国务院关于进一步加强城市规划建设管理工作的若干意见》提出,要强化绿地服务居民日常活动的功能,使市民在居家附近能够见到绿地、亲近绿地。城市公园原则上要免费向居民开放。限期清理腾退违规占用的公共空间。相关的主题文章:

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