Credit cooperatives loans workers fraudulent use of a relative embezzlement case at large original title: Lintong Xinhe employee relatives loans 360 thousand fraudulent Chinese daily news (reporter Intern Chen Sicun Ma Qian) China Daily A05 version in October 26th reported Ms. Huang Lintong District of Xi’an City Village 7 years ago inexplicable loans 30 thousand yuan, and the recent new found that from 2007 to 2009, Lintong District of Xinfeng credit cooperatives happened at least three villagers were inexplicably loan. That is the name of mortgage to buy a car loan in October 30th, Lintong District Xinfeng Street Office Mr. Jin said, in June this year to buy a car for a loan, found his mother left a name with a sum of 30 thousand yuan loans overdue, one family feel unbelievable, a rural woman loans 30 thousand yuan, how will the family do not know? Mr. Jin said they learned in the rural credit cooperatives query Lintong District, to the left a loan in the name of credit cooperatives in 2008 there is a pen, managers are employees of Xinfeng credit cooperatives Wang, types of farmers guaranteed loans, there are 4 people left a guarantee, said don’t know. The use of the loans is: the self-employed sell motorcycle show. According to Mr. Jin said, in October 31st, Lintong District Rural Credit Cooperatives comprehensive department responsible person said, is the first time I heard this thing, would check. To the evening of October 31st 6, the official said, the police have been involved in the investigation, and so the results can come back. Is a loan of 360 thousand had bank job "at the beginning of this year to buy mortgage loans was returned in 2007 360 thousand, check the name of loans overdue!" Found in December 29, 2007, living in Xianyang Mr. Wang inquiry, someone in the name of cooperation in Lintong rural credit cooperatives in Xinfeng District of Xi’an city credit cooperatives handled by the new old loan a loan, the loan amount of 360 thousand yuan, the loan for the credit union workers a wish for. Mr. Wang said, I wish a certain of their relatives, why to do so, unknown. Lintong District Rural credit cooperative risk to Mr. Wang issued the "loan note" shows that in August 26, 2010, the Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau Lintong branch has a wish for investigation, and its online wanted, the credit investigation and verification, this really practical money loan is the wish of a false. The "loan note", because I still wish a negative case fugitives, temporarily unable to return the loan, in consultation with Mr. Wang, I wish a justice, Mr. Wang agreed to actively cooperate with the collection of the credit union loan. In November 1st, the Lintong Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade also confirmed that the wish of a department of Lintong District Rural credit cooperative union workers, embezzlement case at large, but for the amount of money involved, the police did not disclose. Three pen loans from a network inexplicable China Daily reporter found in the survey, who lives in Lintong District Soil Bridge Street Office of Ms. Huang, also found in Lintong in 2009 by the inexplicable Xinfeng credit cooperatives loans 30 thousand yuan, has not paid off. In the name of Ms. Huang 30 thousand loan loan officer retired, Mr. Wang to name 360 thousand loan loan officers have fled a wish 7相关的主题文章:

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