Losing all star? Wow still calm: victory will dispel all doubts of Warcraft now wants to win the sina sports news Beijing time on February 2nd, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported, although the Rockets headed center Dwight – Howard has been able to calmly accept the fact that not all star, but he is still convinced that he is worthy of all star become. Recently this time, Howard’s heart trouble. He was plagued by injuries, and in the past 2 games because ate 2 technical foul. In fact, before the latest injury, Howard had 10 consecutive games played doubles, averaging 20.6 points and 14.7 rebounds, shooting 64.4%. But the performance is still not enough to help Howard all star. But Howard himself showed a good attitude. "This is completely understandable." He said, "but I don’t even feel so nervous. I know I will be next to the health of the body to start the new season, and played at a high level." "I came here (rocket) is to win the championship." Warcraft continued, "I should not be negative emotions, but should use this time to adjust the physical condition, training hard, and strive to make the second half of the season a great. This is the most important thing." Occupation career so far, a total of 8 time all star Howard. "I have repeatedly selected all star game. Not that make the all star game is not fun. I feel that I deserve to be in the all star? Of course." He said, "but it will be great to win a championship. It will all dispel doubts." (Rosen)

落选全明星?魔兽依旧平静:夺冠会打消一切质疑 魔兽现在一心想要夺冠   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月2日,据《休斯顿纪事报》报道,尽管火箭队当家中锋德怀特-霍华德已经能够平静地接受没有入选全明星的事实,但是他依然坚信自己配得上成为全明星球员。   最近这段时间,霍华德的心里比较烦。他先是受到伤病的困扰,并且在过去2场比赛里都因为连吃2次技术犯规而被罚出场。   事实上在最近这次受伤之前,霍华德曾连续10场比赛打出两双,场均得到20.6分和14.7个篮板,投篮命中率为64.4%。   但是这样的表现依然不足以帮助霍华德入选全明星。不过霍华德自己却表现出了不错的心态。   “这是完全能够理解的。”他说道,“但我甚至都不会因此感到不安。我知道明年我将以健康的身体开始新赛季,并打出高水准。”   “我来到这里(火箭)是为了赢得总冠军。”魔兽继续说道,“我不应该被负面情绪干扰,而是应该利用这段日子把身体状态调整好,努力训练,并争取打出一个很棒的后半赛季。这才是最重要的事情。”   职业生涯至今,霍华德一共8次入选全明星。   “我已经多次入选过全明星赛。并不是说打全明星赛没有乐趣。我是否觉得我配得上参加全明星?当然。”他说道,“但是赢得一个总冠军将会很棒。那将会打消外界的一切质疑。”   (罗森)相关的主题文章:

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