Deyunshe into old Lai blacklist Guangde floor theatre normal performance – Sohu Supreme Chinese entertainment public network Deyunshe execution information to be included in the list of dishonest debtor yesterday, Guangde building a theatre posted outside the Guo Degang photo Beijing News News poster 9 September reported by refusing to carry out from Beijing Guangde floor play Garden Court, Deyunshe in July 13th this year was included in the Supreme People’s Court of the debtor list, became "laolai". Beijing News reporter learned yesterday morning, Deyunshe has not been removed from the list, the Guangde house theatre ticket show all normal. As of 10 pm, the agency did not respond on the matter. The supreme law "Laolai" list Deyunshe yesterday afternoon, the reporter login website related to the Supreme People’s court inquiry, found that Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co. Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Deyunshe") appeared in the court of public promises debtor list. Enter "Beijing Deyunshe" a few keywords, can see the west side Court released the page information display, "within 30 days from the date of entry into force of the judgment, the defendant Beijing song and dance theatre Co. Ltd., Beijing Deyunshe Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Beijing Guangde building Entertainment Industry Co. Ltd will be located in the city of Beijing (now Xicheng District) in Xuanwu District No. 39 fence 71 houses vacated by the plaintiff to recover the occupied." In the judgment of the debtor to fulfill the "column, shown as" all failure "; and in the" column of dishonest debtor behavior of the specific circumstances "," other shows its ability to perform and refused to perform effective legal instruments to determine the obligations". Release time in July 13th this year. Xicheng District Dashanlan No. 39 Guangde building play park, is home to six fixed theatre of deyunshe. According to the official website of the new China Deyunshe, after the establishment of Guangde building by the play park to Beijing opera hall". Since May 1, 2011, the Beijing youth team Deyunshe comic regular performances in the Guangde house theatre. According to the judgment of the description, Beijing Deyunshe sentenced to move away from the Beijing city is located in the Xicheng District (Xuanwu District) Dashilan No. 39 Guangde building play park, but refuses to perform, it is listed as "dishonesty". Yesterday afternoon, the reporter telephone contact Deyunshe spokesman Wang Hai to understand the matter, did not respond. As of 10 pm, Deyunshe did not respond on the matter. Deyunshe was sentenced to the housing Chinese query referee network discovery, 2013 Beijing nobufusa housing management company (hereinafter referred to as the "nobufusa company") and Beijing Dance Theater Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "song of the north") property disputes, mentioned the matter. In this case, the company claims that the housing fair, from 2000 onwards, with its own fence 39 public houses by the management of the right of 71. From the North Song company, sales of goods, and leased to Beijing Deyunshe business performance, and provide the capital, registered in the Guangde building company from North Song company office. Housing companies require payment of housing use fees from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2012. North Song company argued that the housing involved.相关的主题文章:

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