Solve difficult and expensive: a new measure of health care reform is closely related with your original title: crack difficult and expensive: a new measure of health care reform is closely linked to you in Beijing on 9 November, (reporter Zhang Ni) recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council forwarded the "State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further promotion of a number of opinions the experience of deepening medical and health system reform" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). As an important measure to deepen the reform of the medical and health system, "the direction of Reform Opinions" setting, the price of medical services and drug procurement, public hospital medical personnel salary system and other aspects were made clear, many initiatives will be related to every one of the vital interests of doctors and patients. Data figure reporter Zhang Ni photo taken to see a doctor to solve your problem? Public hospitals to cancel the addition of drugs to improve the price of medical services to deepen the reform of health care reform can make people see your problem is alleviated, is one of the most concerned about the problem. The announcement of the opinions made it clear that all public hospitals canceled drug addition, consider the local government to determine the compensation policy, the precise calculation of the level of price adjustment, simultaneous adjustment of medical service prices. Opinions stressed the need to make room for the diagnosis and treatment behavior, reduce the cost of drugs and supplies, etc., to dynamically adjust the price of medical services. In addition, the price adjustment should focus on improving the medical personnel skilled labor reflects the value of treatment, surgery, nursing and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine and other medical items, reduce large medical equipment examination and treatment and inspection of price. We should gradually increase the proportion of medical service income (excluding drugs, consumables, inspection and laboratory tests) in the total income of the hospital through a comprehensive strategy. Data map of public hospital drug procurement can be capricious it? — some drugs by the provincial drug procurement agencies before bidding, opaque phenomenon of drug purchasing has been criticized, clear and the announcement of the "opinions", to implement the classification of public hospital drug procurement, this also means that the public hospital drug procurement can no longer "willful". Opinions proposed to distinguish between different drugs, through bidding, negotiation, directly linked to the network, fixed-point production and other forms of reasonable purchase price. Adhere to the principle of centralized procurement, the amount of clinical use, the purchase amount is high, a number of enterprises to produce the basic drugs and non patented drugs, by the provincial drug procurement agencies centralized bidding. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city can take the city as a unit in the provincial centralized procurement platform for drug procurement. In addition, the "opinions" also suggested that the public hospital drug procurement and gradually implement the "two votes" (the production enterprise to the circulation enterprises once the invoice, circulation enterprises to medical institutions to open a invoice) encourage other medical institutions, the implementation of the "two votes", reduce the drug circulation intermediate links, improve the circulation of enterprise concentration blow, "Guopiao money laundering", lower drug prices artificially high, purifying the circulation environment. Data Han Zhangyun photo classification of patients with treatment is expected to benefit? According to the provisions of the referral of patients with medical insurance reimbursement or give the tilt of the publication of the "opinions" to the family Qi相关的主题文章:

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