"Divorce" is bitter — real estate — people.com.cn original title: "the national real estate under the tide of divorce" is a national real estate node under the bitter editorial today newspaper commentator Fan Dayu loose mortgage, tax policy and low interest rates, in these stimuli, city building, housing prices soared hot. No one knows when regulatory policy tightening, when prices downward, however, with higher leverage "national real estate" there is a huge risk, sure it is. Recently, Shanghai civil affairs divorce registry mechanism is to apply for divorce jibao. According to the Yangpu District marriage registration center staff, the center only on Saturday for 97 pairs of registration divorce, and usually is generally about 40 pairs. The reason to set off a wave of divorce, because there are rumors that the market, Shanghai will introduce more stringent regulatory policies, the purchase of less than one year of the purchase, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the pre divorce family situation. For regulatory rumors, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee 29 evening to clarify, made it clear that this policy has not been studied. (see related reports A12 version) recently raised "Shanghai divorce tide", "fake divorce" certainly no lack of such people. For a long period of time, some families of the couple in order to meet certain requirements, such as get relocation compensation, avoid debt, buy two suites, agreed to a divorce, in the purpose to be handled after the turn formalities. According to media reports, recently a number of Shanghai marriage registration office to apply for divorce, divorce formalities for some couples and smile, on one side of the formalities while discussing the house. In addition, the recent Shanghai property market turnover soared is evidence – August 27th to 29, the Shanghai new deal for 3 consecutive days over a thousand sets, due to excessive flow, the real estate trading center network system was even paralysis. Although not an accurate count of how many people are just divorce rushed to the sales offices, but the local people in the industry generally believe that the Shanghai property market turnover surged, with the recent divorce abnormal increase of correlation of. The "divorce tide" triggered by the property market regulation and control, and the marriage because of the property market changes in Shanghai is not the first time. At the beginning of 2013, the State Council promulgated the "five countries" to curb speculative investment in housing, then appeared queuing divorce scene, a Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau Marriage Registration Center of the door even deliberately hung a sign to remind the market risk of divorce, need to be cautious, sometimes attracted media onlookers around. In fact, the number of hot spots in the property market, false divorce and the property market has been the existence of varying degrees of correlation. Since 2010, the introduction of the history of the most stringent real estate regulation, the second sets of housing and the proportion of the first payment of loans linked to some local marriage registration office has become a barometer of the property market reflects the cold". "Fake divorce" there is a risk that might come in, both ending, but there are still people who figure rush on like a swarm of hornets, what? It is profit, but also with the interests of the lever. By way of false divorce property buyers, the family must have a set of housing, the main purpose of the purchase is to invest more than just need, but also相关的主题文章:

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