The adjustment of domestic oil prices will usher in the ninth year aground reached agreement to help OPEC oil prices over 5% production in eight years, OPEC first reached agreement limiting the production of domestic oil price adjustment will meet for the first time to reach agreement limiting the ninth year aground in eight years, OPEC, domestic oil prices down to one "dream broken". "Economic Reference News" reporter from a number of social monitoring agency learned that in September 30th the domestic refined oil retail price will usher in a new round of price adjustment, then because of the reduction of less than $50 a ton and ran aground almost a foregone conclusion, this is the ninth time this year ran aground, the National Day travel cost of fuel hopeless decreased, but with the oil quality upgrade the advance, after the National Day in most parts of the domestic car price will "drink" good oil. Since September 18th the domestic oil prices down slightly, around the U.S. crude oil inventories and reduce production agreement, and crude oil futures prices fluctuated, the rate of change of crude oil continued to rise in the negative range, and to the price adjustment near the red line. 28 held informal talks on OPEC, long marathon production unexpectedly reached agreement. After the news broke, the oil market was boosted, the international oil prices straight up. "But this agreement is only reached a frozen production consensus, production allocation is the priority among priorities, at present, frozen production of the road is still there are many variables." Information Analyst Li Ye pointed out that if the market return to reason, does not exclude a significant pullback in oil prices will appear in the near future. But because the production is expected to continue to freeze for the crude oil market in the end of November OPEC endorsement annual meeting, this will form a support for oil prices, international oil prices down, and then again to maintain the shock situation, but the overall level is now rising slightly. Crude oil market boom, in September 29th, JOYOU estimates the rate of change of crude oil for -1.21%, JOYOU oil valued at $45.072 a barrel, compared with the benchmark price of $0.554 a barrel, the Asian oil valued at $44.373 a barrel, compared with the benchmark price of $0.749 a barrel, the corresponding rate of -40 yuan. 30 days of refined oil retail price adjustment is not a foregone conclusion." JOYOU analyst Xu Lei said. Change of WWW monitoring rate is -1.13%, corresponding to gasoline and diesel down 35 yuan ton. Wang Neng, an analyst at the agency said that the current round of cuts is expected to basically stranded, national day trip fuel costs are expected to decline. But after the National Day is still "happy", that is most of the country will be "four" "Five" oil prices to enjoy. According to the national oil quality upgrade process requirements, since January 1, 2017, the country will implement the "national five" vehicle gasoline and diesel standards. Wang said that, according to their understanding of the situation, since October, many countries will gradually replace the five oil, in accordance with past practice, at least during the replacement, high standard retail price of oil will not be adjusted. In other words, the three quarter, in addition to the eastern province of Shaanxi and other provinces and regions have been implemented in the country’s five standard, the majority of domestic cars will be cheap to drink good oil. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

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