Drama queen Ma Li returned to the stage of the play   actually nervous to insomnia – Fashion – People’s network on September 10th, by Ma Li, starring in the drama of the "Earl of Oolong" in Beijing, opened the prelude to the national tour. 6 years ago as the "Wulongshan Earl" premiere edition lineup, the comedy on the stage of gold partner together again, still with the tacit understanding, but also to many drama fans moved. Has always been a drama queen of thousands of the reputation of Ma Li, the love of drama as implanted in the bottom of my heart, she said: drama is my life will never be discarded." Although I have played countless games, but after a lapse of 6 years to return to the stage, Ma Li was nervous to sleep: "this drama premiere, the rehearsal time too little lead to my extreme tension for a few sleepless, unable to sleep, the stage is so important to me, no matter what time it is my most care, so? I want to play every game, do not want to regret? I hope we can bring a perfect concert tonight? Well, plus refueling?!" Ma Li plays a woman who has undergone a sex change operation, and plays a couple of lovers in the drama. In the course of the performance of Ma Li, Yan double acting value online, most incisive display of double character actress, often beautiful goddess or one minute, one minute after becoming the female man, comedy queen skill audience loud shouts of applause. Not at the scene to watch the netizens who did not buy tickets, but unfortunately, but also very much looking forward to the return of comedy Queen: the stage is the home of Li sister!" "On the stage you will shine Marilyn ~" it is reported that the "Wulongshan Earl" star field in the national 12 city tour started, there will be more of the audience feel the comedy queen Ma Li in the arena of charisma, please look forward to. (commissioning editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li?)相关的主题文章:

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