Dry autumn autumn autumn lack what food can worry about an eventful year against the editor’s note: after the fall, with climate change, the human body may cause discomfort, of which the most important is the dry autumn, autumn autumn autumn diarrhea, lack, worry about the four performance. In addition to the adjustment of life style and attitude, proper diet can also help you against "an eventful year". Autumn dry enough water and vitamin A a lot of people into the autumn began to dry skin, tight, peeling. Especially in the northern region, the autumn climate is dry, the humidity is lower than in summer, and the wind is relatively large, easy to lose moisture in the skin. Increasingly cold weather will make the sebaceous glands and sweat gland activity weakened, causing dry skin troubles. In addition to the weather, some adverse factors on the diet will cause dry autumn. The first is not enough water to drink or not. Many people do not drink enough to drink two or three cups a day, which may lead to water shortages, and thus manifested in the skin. Autumn morning after drinking a cup of warm water, during the day to drink 8 glasses of water, not thirsty to drink. Autumn is suitable to drink honey water, which is rich in fructose, is a hydrophilic material, good moisture absorption, can slow down the absorption rate of water, long-term moisturizing throat and gastrointestinal mucosa. Which is not easy to crystallization of natural honey, Vitex honey, acacia honey, for example. Second, eat more fruits, especially fructose rich grapes, pears, bananas, persimmons, etc.. Many people just stick autumn fat, don’t pay attention to eat fruit. And the fruit is a kind of hydrophilic food, can moisten the body for a long time. In addition, rich in Polysaccharides from Tremella Tremella, oats contain beta glucan, boiled tremella soup, porridge, is a very good replenishment of food. Again, vitamin A is necessary for the synthesis and repair of epithelial tissue material, if the lack of skin and mucous membranes will lead to the secretion of mucus and sebum reduced, causing the skin dry, horny. Autumn can be appropriate to eat orange yellow and dark green vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, spinach, sweet potato leaves, Gai Lan, etc.), animal liver, animal kidney, deep-sea fish, egg yolk and other foods rich in vitamin A. Finally, eat chili, onion, ginger, garlic, pepper and other pungent hot products, as well as fried, greasy, salty food, can reduce water consumption, make the skin more moisture. Qiuchou often eat five kinds of food autumn autumn sharen. After the beginning of autumn, the sunshine time was significantly shorter, the mood is depressed. Nature gradually in the grass, flower and leaf litter, often make people moved by sight, always melancholy and moody. Especially the old people who live alone, constantly on the run workers, often in the autumn evening feeling miserable, depression, sadness and other negative emotions. The clinical also found that the fall of patients with depression and recurrence of a few. If you want to beat the fall depression, may wish to add some of their own "happy nutrients". In the first place, magnesium regulates the level of serotonin in the brain, and the latter is an important "happy neurotransmitter" that regulates mood in the 5. Spinach, rape, lettuce and other dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, bananas, oranges, raisins, corn, mushrooms, onions, etc., are rich in magnesium. Second, vitamin B deficiency will be emotional depression, thinking is slow, is the underlying mechanism of depression, which is more obvious in the elderly population. Autumn may wish to be more相关的主题文章:

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