The year listed M3 speed T3 than the pre-sale price announced in November 8th – Sohu Sohu [car car new car]2016 in November 8th, the independent brand new car will be officially organized than speed conference brand, then, not only than the speed of brand positioning, the vision will be published for the first time, the new car’s first MPV than M3 and SUV than the first speed speed T3 will also be unveiled, and announced the sale price. Which is faster than the T3 positioning in the small SUV, the future, faster than the car will also be involved in the field of cars and new energy. · about the speed of the car than speed Automobile Co., Ltd. was founded in April 28, 2015, is the Silver Cheung group to build their own brand car manufacturing enterprises, the company is located in Chongqing Industrial Park, Hechuan. According to the official statement, the car speed ratio is a new independent automobile manufacturing company, positioned above the Beiqi magic speed, with an annual output of 250 thousand sets of vehicle production scale. In addition, bear the speed of the brand value of the main products covered by MPV, SUV, cars, new energy, more than the breakdown of the field, the next three years, product planning, including the SUV, the 1 paragraph 7 MPV. Follow up, faster than the car will also launch 3 car models, into the car field. · micro SUV– speed T3 detailed models than speed T3 in front of the cross spoke grille, headlight internal double circular structure with lens headlamps, connected to the upper edge of the front fender arc. The logo is a rectangle, the blue and silver "BISU" body. Than the speed of 5 T3 layout, length and width of 43501825 1685mm, wheelbase 2565mm. The side of the body, black roof and hidden A column and D column design to create the suspension models, the car is equipped with dual five spoke 16 inch wheels. The tail line is very tough, and used a total of two bilateral exhaust. Faster than the T3 interior lines are more abundant, while the car with a lot of silver trim, plus brown and black colors, to create a youthful style. The car is equipped with four spoke multifunction steering wheel, 9 inch LCD screen, the new car is the standard vehicle stability system, front and rear disc brake, reversing radar, reversing the image configuration. Power, faster than T3 equipped with 1.3T turbocharged engine, the specific dynamic parameters are not yet announced, the transmission system, the new car will be equipped with 5 speed manual gearbox. 7 MPV– faster than the speed of M3 M3 modeling is more founder, size, length and width were 4755mm 1810mm 1750mm, wheelbase 2800mm. The new car is equipped with three rows of seats, due to the use of the second rows of seats can be moved before and after the 1+1 independent design, the third rows of seats folded by the end of the 46, a variety of seat combinations, to achieve the maximum utilization of space. Faster than the interior of the M3 dual color matching, 10 inches (with a low in the middle of the 8 inches) high-definition touch screen LCD set radio, multimedia, Bluetooth, sound, navigation, car Internet connectivity and other functions. Three spoke type flat bottom sport multifunction.相关的主题文章:

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