"Eleven" Home Furnishing Market Watch: the property boom not transmitted to the Home Furnishing market – Shanghai Channel – people.com.cn original title: the property market boom not transmitted to the Home Furnishing market during "eleven" Guangzhou Home Furnishing stores held "hit the golden egg send Hao Li". More interactive and experiential marketing planning. Golden Week home stores, traffic is not optimistic. Family mobilization, "eleven" during the home shopping mall. "Eleven" golden week has become the most awesome promotion period. For businesses, the "golden nine silver ten" is the best opportunity to clear inventory; for consumers, the "golden nine silver ten is also the perfect time" into the city of Taobao. This year, Guangzhou building materials market, a big wave of promotional climax hits: "hit the golden egg, send Hao Li" the most brand 5 fold "pre deposit value-added every day" and "two store 245 free single prize"…… Marketing routines deep, the results look at the performance of the final say. In the first half to see 51, the second half by eleven". "Golden nine silver ten" is the traditional peak season for decoration, the continuing weakness of the market to Home Furnishing stores put more resources in the golden week of promotional activities, but the market performance is not satisfactory. As the real estate market, closely linked with the real estate industry Home Furnishing, the housing boom in Guangzhou, but there is no improvement. "Real estate so hot, why the home industry so low?" Dealers have such doubts. The furniture store "the golden week, people are quantitative standards of sad Home Furnishing industry has a market assessment industry, the National Day sales of 7 days is equivalent to the annual sales amount of 10%~15%, but the golden week, really sad." Mr. Huang’s furniture dealer expression could not conceal his disappointment. He said, the golden week, stores, manufacturers, businesses three party joint profits, in good faith, the 50 percent off became a sales Standard for individual stores participating in promotional products of furniture or even as low as 70 percent off, but the result is not satisfactory. Reporters visited several stores in Guangzhou found that promotional efforts really small. But not many customers in the store. In October 2nd, the reporter marshals found JSWB store in Panyu, Pazhou shops, horse will Home Furnishing, Bo Huang Weijia thinking, Home Furnishing, Jinhaima Fangcun shop, mangrove bay Panyu shop, Xiangjiang Home Furnishing Tianhe store, customers are not many. Although the shopping malls are full of promotional gifts, but the flow is still too small to look cool. On the two day, I sold 13 sets of sofas." An unnamed dealer told reporters, he said, a set of 1+2+3 sofa, to the afternoon of October 2nd, only sold a double. Many dealers have told reporters that the market is a bit bleak. Reporters interviewed the person in charge of a number of home stores in Guangzhou, they all said that the property market has not brought a warm home warmer. Ou Jubo, general manager of Fangcun International Furniture Fair Expo Center manager believes that one of the most important factor in the home industry downturn, oversupply caused by home stores oversupply. He believes that the building materials market in the country are in the throes of transformation and upgrading, market differentiation intensified competition will intensify. Guangzhou Jin brand Home Furnishing decoration limited company chairman Zhang Bangken also believes that the store is heavily saturated, but the pressure and sense of crisis Home Furnishing indeed increased, but also confidence in)相关的主题文章:

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