Business The birth of multinational .panies and their quest for globalization places them face to face with challenges of managing a diverse and international workforce. These challenges relate to corporate governance, .plexity of managing employee benefits and .pensation on a global level, customization of the benefit programs as per regional requirements while improving operational and cost margins. When it .es to the providing employee benefits services , the organizations needs to look into the benefits that employees value most. A good employee benefits program is one, which would provide a retirement in.e for the employee and their family, time off from work, and health care benefits in case of emergencies. Considered generally as an integral part of the total pay package offered to the employees, many a times the employees also make some contribution as premium for the employee benefit services. Organizations provide these benefits to the employees with the aim to attract and retain talented employees, promote the morale of the employees, provide opportunities for better placement within the organization, as well as align the organizational benefit package to the existing market trends and global .petition. The employee benefit services can be broadly differentiated as Mandated Benefits and Optional Benefits. The mandated benefits are which is a .pulsory requirement such as Social Security, Unemployment Insurance & Workers .pensation. The optional ones on the other hand include employee health care benefits , health care insurance, Disability Insurance, Life Insurance, Retirement Plans, Flexible .pensation and paid leave. However, these being are at the discretion of the organization, may include all or few. With organizations looking forward to business expansion in the global arena, they need to cater for a global HR solutions and employee benefits planning. The best way to understand global payroll solutions , on-boarding, legislative .pliance, wealth management or retirement planning customized for the local market, is to take the employee benefits consulting services of global human resource leaders with a local touch. These leaders can provide the client .anization with the consolidated global payroll systems, which would give the management the required visibility and access to strategic payroll information and associated talent of the .anization. Further, irrespective of the employees being local, international, expatriate or offshore, these payroll solutions can cater for appropriate disbursement of funds to nearly 90 countries with a single point of contact and also handle their tax requirements. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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