Enjoy the best method for the grand hope Optima runiang already on the table big Niang will attract many boys eyes, and even lead to unnecessary trouble. Like "the melancholy of" Mikuru Asahina and "dry matter! Small "buried old Cai Cai is very concerned about their own Optima. So, how do Japanese men hope to appreciate Optima in reality? 1. tops on the table "wish she’d put the Optima on the table."." (31 years old, other business positions) "I want to see a big woman work on top of the table with Optima."." (39 year old metal, steel, chemical technology) 2. emphasizes Optima’s behavior. "I want to see big breasts wear clothes that emphasize Optima curves," he said." (39 years old, IT intelligence planning office) "I want to see big Niang in front of others to wear Optima clothes." (27 years old, other) 3. want to see between the valley "I want to see the valley between Optima."." (38 year old mechanical, precision machine technology). "I want big breasts to wear that Optima Valley looming dress."." (39 years old intelligence, IT technology job) 4. bending down, just a little bend down is enough to make my heart beat faster." (37 years old construction, civil engineering business). I hope she stooped to pick things up." (29 years of retail sales, services) 5. hope to bury the chest "I hope to bury the chest heartily."." (34 years old food, drinks, other) "I want to hug her." (36 years old medical, welfare professional) click download Tencent animation APP, see more popular anime works

欣赏巨乳娘的最佳方法 希望朝比奈把欧派放在桌上巨乳娘总是会吸引众多男生的目光,甚至引来不必要的麻烦。像《凉宫春日的忧郁》朝比奈实玖瑠和《干物妹!小埋》海老名菜菜就很在意自己的欧派。那么,现实中的日本男人又会希望怎么欣赏欧派呢?1.顶在桌子上“希望她把欧派顶在桌子上。”(31岁 其他 营业职)“我想看一次巨乳娘把欧派顶在桌子上工作。”(39岁 金属、钢铁、化学 技术职)2.强调欧派的行为“我想看巨乳娘穿强调欧派曲线的衣服。”(39岁 情报、IT 策划职)“我想看巨乳娘在别人面前穿露欧派的衣服。”(27岁 其他 其他)3.想看到谷间“我想看到欧派的谷间。”(38岁 机械、精密机器 技术职)“我希望巨乳娘穿那种欧派谷间若隐若现的衣服。”(39岁 情报、IT 技术职)4.弯腰“稍稍弯腰就足以让我心跳加速了。”(37岁 建设、土木 营业职)“我希望她弯腰捡东西。”(29岁 零售店 贩售职、服务业)5.希望能埋胸“我希望能尽情地埋胸。”(34岁 食品、饮料 其他)“我想好好拥抱她。”(36岁 医疗、福利 专职)点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章:

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