5 kinds of ghost particles – to change the world of Electronic Science and technology of Sohu over the Higgs boson aside. The family members of the physical standard model never lack the sense of presence. But there are a couple of equally important particles that have received little attention. This is understandable, since the "quasi particle" has the same spatial coordinates and momentum values, but it is not real. Quasi particles exist only in solids, but their unique physical properties are sufficient to transform modern technology. Phonon (Phonon): Electric cowboy in 2013, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) by using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) discovered the Higgs boson. The main hero is the phonon. At room temperature, phonons are the collective oscillations of the atoms in the solid. At very low temperatures, however, the phonons act as cowboys, driving the "electrons" of "sheep" in the solid, ensuring that they move almost unhindered. This is the principle of low temperature superconductivity, LHC is the use of superconducting magnets produced by the huge electromagnetic fields to tame the proton. In an MRI scanner, the superconducting magnet is the art director, directing the oxygen atoms in the body’s tissues to jump a microscopic dance, emitting information that can be used for imaging. Phonons play an important role in the development of thermoelectric materials. Thermoelectric materials can convert heat energy into electrical energy, which is an important mission of reusing the waste heat of the engine. Magnon (magnetic resonance): the spin of the king imagine a computer, you press the switch it will accurately return to the state of your last shutdown. That is, when the spin wave occurs, the magnon appears. This is a quantum mechanical property of the atom and the origin of magnetism. Ordinary computers and smart phones to store information requires electricity, no power information can not be obtained. If the magnetic dipole is used, then the information storage will depend entirely on the magnetic field, without the need for electricity. This is called spintronics (Spintronics). The advantage of this approach is that it has little dependence on electricity. Thus, the chip is arranged more compact and has no overheating, which overcomes the bottleneck that the transistor chip can not further reduce the volume. If the control magnetic vibrator by electromagnetic wave, it can completely get rid of the shackles of power. Exciton (Exciton): the plant’s secret weapon, the earth, takes more energy from the sun within an hour than the energy consumed by the whole human year. Plants play a role and the exciton energy catcher, is the secret weapon of plants. Light harvesting proteins in plant leaves. The energy absorbed by the electrons in the light harvesting protein is excited, leaving a hole. Electrons and holes are bound together in space to form excitons, which then wander around the entire line of photosynthesis. When the exciton reaches a certain position, the electrons recombine with holes and release energy. Plants use this energy to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen, which is a key step in the synthesis of sugar. Photosynthesis is the source of life on earth, human beings have been looking forward to the use of light can be used for injection相关的主题文章:

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