Exclusive: Jane Zhang Liu Yifei wedding exposure list will serve as the wedding bridesmaid and Jane Zhang Feng Ke in November 6th, Feng Ke Tan and Jane Zhang’s wedding, "said the accompanying text to accompany you so to build the Great Wall, eat a string of children, until the old." Subsequently, Jane Zhang sweet response and quipped: "out of the closet is not refundable!" Two large dog food, very sweet, half of entertainment for them on a wedding blessing. November 8th, Feng Ke and Jane Zhang’s wedding will be held soon, the two wedding list exposure. It is reported that, in Jane Zhang Feng Ke’s wedding, Chen Shaoqi will hold the wedding, Deng Changfu served as the best man. Liu Yifei, Wang Luodan, Tan Weiwei, Pan Chen, Zhang Yuanyi Li Dongxue, the maid of honor, Chen Yifei, Steven (friends), Chen Qiushi (friends) will serve as the groomsmen. Jane Zhang, Liu Yifei, Tang Yan and Zhou Bichang attended the contest show, Tan Weiwei, Reno Wang and Pan Chen will be coming out of the wedding, and Reno Wang also served as the wedding ceremonies. In addition, Ning Caishen, Tang Yan,, Botti, Chris,, Zhang Yadong, Li Dongxue will also attend the wedding as a heavy guest. Jane Zhang and Feng Ke Jane Zhang and Feng Ke who fell in love for 12 years, in July 2015, Jane Zhang in the Changsha sing on the initiative to publish the two love. In October, Feng Ke Jane Zhang of the Chengdu concert on the proposal, and play their own lyrics and sang the song "To My All" on the big screen, romantic gestures let Jane Zhang moved to tears trickling down cheeks gave her 31 year old, this is the most special birthday gift. Two years of true love release, finally to wait for each other, the completion of years of long-distance love, in his hometown of Chengdu, so that millions of people witnessed this important moment. After the concert celebration before marriage, the love of two people by the mother of the block, the storm continued, it is not easy to join into the wedding hall. Some time ago, Jane Zhang’s mother and Feng Ke had released a letter raise a Babel of criticism of Jane Zhang, to the public the letter "I don’t want to let her daughter go wrong", pointed out that Feng Ke is not a daughter life of man, clearly opposed to Jane Zhang and Feng Ke’s marriage. She said Feng Ke cheat prospective son-in-law Jane Zhang when the "mistress", and even misappropriation of Jane Zhang and her company. Jane Zhang’s mother is genuine and sincere wrote: "true love, mother daughter mood. Please understand." Media reports screenshot face Jane Zhang Feng Ke as "the mother of the accused, not timely communication" to explain, but Jane Zhang also strongly support her boyfriend, after the storm a few days at Jane Zhang’s birthday party on a family of three with box appeared, sweet picture, a back frame potential. Three people with the same frame break the ice on the occasion of her daughter’s wedding, Jane Zhang mother in November 7th to accept an interview with the media, said she did not receive her daughter’s wedding invitation. Jane Zhang mother said he was still in Chengdu, the invitation of the matter, said Feng Ke did not say anything, because she did not say anything, because of their marriage, I am very sad, depressed mood in." In addition, she said, still can not accept Feng Ke, before the lawsuit with the first instance of Feng Ke, but also continue to follow the legal process". This article from Tencent news client from the media, does not represent the views and positions of Tencent news相关的主题文章:

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