Expert advice: to enhance the strategic level of international cooperation in science and technology of traditional Chinese Medicine – Science and technology – People’s network behind a strong motherland is how important. I am not sounding, is keenly aware of." In the days prior to the convening of the "" 13th Five-Year "Chinese medicine science and technology innovation and international cooperation" as the theme of the conference on the Pearl River, the common feeling of Shanghai Academy of Sciences Professor Guo Dean Chinese drug evidence fellow in his own experience, "you 20 years ago, with the foreigners about Chinese medicine cooperation, No. Now China has the conditions, but after the agreement reached between the government, scientists must keep up with." Since Tu won the Nobel prize in medicine has attracted more and more attention of the world. "In order to let others understand and accept, we must make clear the connotation of traditional Chinese medicine in a modern way, improve the ability of internationalization of Chinese medicine." Department of science and technology, Ministry of science and technology and social development director Zhang Zhaofeng proposed that in the past 20 years, China has built a batch of Chinese medicine international cooperation platform, signed a cooperation agreement with 83 countries, "13th Five-Year" period, should establish the internationalization of Chinese medicine coordination working group as soon as possible, the overall design of international cooperation. Strive to create 3 to 5 high level of international cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine innovation platform, planning a new strategy of internationalization of Chinese medicine. Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital and Australia, Sweden and other countries for many years, experience of vice president Lu Chuanjian, from the high level of foreign research institutions involved in the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology innovation, not only can complement each other, but also in the project development process, enhance mutual understanding. In the choice of going out of the project, she introduced, they focus on cooperation with Sweden in the field of Chinese medicine to solve the problem of public health, through tangible results, so that Chinese medicine play a leading role. "International standard" has become a hot word in international studies. "To occupy the international standard of competition, to grasp the traditional Chinese medicine in the formulation of international standards and the right to speak, the key is to do their homework." Guo to lead the government and the United States Pharmacopoeia Commission as an example of successful cooperation, scientists put forward, singing is an effective mode to establish international standards of Chinese medicine. Guo Dean team in the United States and the United States Pharmacopoeia Commission to build cooperation framework, with a high level of research results continue to communicate with each other, in the concept of guiding them, so that more and more American experts to accept Chinese medicine. The experts agreed that, to improve the level of TCM international cooperation in science and technology, organization and implementation of traditional Chinese medicine science program, build a good traditional Chinese Medicine International Science and technology cooperation and exchange platform, establish a long-term mechanism to promote international cooperation for the sustainable development of traditional Chinese medicine. (Yang Zhaohui) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

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