Exposure to sales personnel encouraging customers to fake divorce Beijing project alleged cover plate the day before, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee leadership team, combined with the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Beijing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau and other departments of the joint inspection group, the real estate project conducted a special inspection, and announced the list of housing prices and intermediary illegal dishonesty. Subsequently, the Beijing issued on the promotion of the city’s real estate market stable and healthy development of a number of measures, the developers will severely crack down on irregularities. However, on the one hand is the strict supervision department, a developer is yet to rectification or discipline violations. Recently, "Chinese business newspaper" reporter in the field visits found that the project has not yet been named in part 930 and part of rectification, after the new deal not named project also alleged violations, involving developers are brand enterprises, and even sales personnel encouraging customers to fake divorce. The project was named in October 3rd is still in doubt, the Ministry of housing announced throughout the investigation of the 45 illegal dishonesty housing prices and intermediary, Beijing Guorui Real Estate Development Company Limited, Beijing Tianxu canal Real Estate Development Company Limited on the list. The development of the country Rui · Jinding, Beijing International Trade City project are due to cover Xishou and alleged violations, and suspended net. Recently, the reporter visited the project found that the project was suspended after a thorough rectification has not yet signed. Because the cover plate is suspended in the Construction Committee signed Rui Jinding · marketing center, sales manager said "the government is investigating the project, still do not know what time to sign the contract, but the reporter in the Sales Department of the marketing control table, which did not disclose all the listings in the sale. According to sales personnel, in sharp · there are 4 Jinding high-rise residential apartments, 3 penthouse residential apartments, 2 residential buildings, 2 office buildings, in addition to 1 residential buildings and 2 office buildings have not yet obtained the pre-sale permit, the other has been made, the current residential buildings and residential apartment complex both houses can be sold, but the reporter found that the pin controlled table only 1 residential building houses sold information. Reporters repeatedly call the Guorui group headquarters to the front desk, · Rui Jinding; rectification of violations and other related issues about the interview with marketing director Li Cheng, but the cost is not in the Lee refused to interview. To this end, the reporter came to the Chaoyang District Chaoyang Road, Rui Rui group headquarters, but the security is not on the grounds of refusing to enter the interview. Named and suspended network signed the Beijing International Trade City has the same violations have not yet rectification phenomenon, announced in its marketing control table, all the listings were red cover slip, the sales staff said have been signed, the reporter found in the Construction Committee website, Beijing International Trade City pre-sale permit 50 suites source in September 9, 2015, there are 19 sets of not signing. In the upper part of the sales control table, the price information is displayed as 46 thousand yuan ~5.3 million square meters, which is listed on the official website of the official website of the construction of the average price of $55 thousand square meters of access. In this regard, the reporter called the project developers Beijing Tianxu canal Real Estate Development Company Limited, the office said a staff member surnamed Wang, the company do not accept the interview, after reporters repeatedly visit, phone has been in no one answered. After the reporter on this issue to the north.相关的主题文章:

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