Fails to apply for public donations of caring people were identified and the student fails to apply for illegal checked and identified as the charity organizations are not qualified to carry out charitable activities, but open to the community donations, public donations but not to the civil affairs department for the record…… According to the first charity law of China implemented in September 1st, the above series of actions have been illegal. The reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, the Bureau recently on September this year just as "charity law", and the city’s first case of illegal charity. In September 17th, a social organization held a live student pairing campaign in a large square in the center of the city. At the event, more than 180 poor students in Guizhou and other western regions were provided with information for the public to identify and help. Civil law enforcement detachment law enforcement department staff after receiving clues, immediately to carry out the investigation, and the social organization of the person in charge of law enforcement interviews. After investigation, the social organizations engaged in social service activities as a private non enterprise units, the person in charge of a caring person, often through WeChat and other ways to organize student charity activities. Because the organization fails to apply for and be identified as charitable organizations and charitable activities, not to the public to carry out public fund-raising fund-raising scheme without qualification, to the civil affairs department for the record, was ordered to immediately stop the activities. Staff told reporters that the law enforcement detachment of law enforcement personnel to the organization responsible for the publicity and interpretation of the "charity law", and suggested that the prior to the civil affairs department shall apply for charitable organizations, because of the public there is no money, so there is no economic problems, no penalties such as fines on the. The staff also reminded, even has been identified as a charitable organization, the need to obtain public donations to qualify, or public donations should be held together and qualified organizations or institutions. "Charity law" passed by the fourth session of the Twelfth National People’s Congress in March 16th this year, and has been implemented since September 1st. This is the first charity law in the history of our country, and the first fundamental and comprehensive law in the construction of charity in china. (reporter Fang Wei)

未依法申请和被认定 爱心人士公开募捐助学违法被查   未依法申请和被认定为慈善组织却开展慈善活动,不具备资格却公开向社会募捐,公开募捐但未向民政部门备案……根据9月1日施行的我国第一部《慈善法》,上述一系列行为都已违法。记者从市民政局获悉,该局日前依据今年9月刚施行的《慈善法》,查处了全市首例慈善违法案件。   9月17日,市中心某大型广场,一家社会组织举行了一场现场助学结对活动。活动现场提供了180多名贵州等西部地区的贫困学生信息,供市民结对认助,当场就有近百名结对成功。   市民政执法支队执法科工作人员接到线索后,立即依法开展了调查,并对该社会组织负责人进行了执法约谈。经过调查,该社会组织为一家从事社会公益服务活动的民办非企业单位,其负责人为一名爱心人士,经常通过微信等方式组织助学等慈善活动。   由于该组织未依法申请和被认定为慈善组织而开展慈善活动,不具有向社会公众开展公开募捐资格,募捐方案未向民政部门备案,被责令其立即停止有关活动。   工作人员告诉记者,执法支队的执法人员向该组织负责人宣传和解读了《慈善法》,并建议其先行向民政部门依法申请认定慈善组织,由于当时市民还没有进行金钱捐助等,所以没有涉及经济问题,没有对其进行罚款等处罚。   工作人员还提醒,即便是被认定为慈善组织后,还需获得公开募捐的资格,否则公开募捐应和有资格的组织或机构一起举办。   《慈善法》今年3月16日由第十二届全国人大第四次会议通过,自9月1日起施行。这是我国历史上第一部慈善法,也是我国慈善事业建设的第一部基础性和综合性的法律。   (记者房伟)相关的主题文章:

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