Feel the fiery vitality, South Korean Village Tour sunflower hi ~ from Gyeongnam Connecticut village sunflower greetings in Korean, sunflower is called???? (Haebaragi), apart, is the sun,???? is the meaning of ^^  oriented towards a defeat in the girls heard; when this semester, he did not choose to think of course, laments this semester, do not know how to have… Life everywhere have unpleasant things, like pieces of the text in the sunflower, can give you my life go, with a smiling face! South Korea has several villages like sunflower, Obama is the nearest to the Gyeongnam Jinzhou near the. The village sign hung under the cheese experience school sign, with a small drop of love should be friends. Kang village around it, it was a very quiet village. But the local government began to build an industrial park in the vicinity to attract investment, but the surrounding living environment has begun to slow down. So Kang village in the surrounding area began planting large tracts of sunflowers, until now the annual session of the sunflower festival will attract a lot of tourists. The sunflower festival actually no tickets, but symbolic to buy a flower is 3000 won coins, vouchers, to small stalls used directly, buy a melon bread. What is disguised, boost the local economy. Unfortunately, when Obama is to spend money for lunch, power windows and doors closed, the conductor is capricious… Do not buy to buy, it is a pity. I guess the Festival Committee in charge, must have a childlike innocence, a road poles are placed on a variety of dolls, and children’s cartoon heroine also are coming to visit ha sunflower village map, on the left is the entrance. Sunflower field, divided into two areas. Above is the first area, the right is the second area. After entering the entrance, slowly look at the murals, according to the time you can choose to go to a district or two district. Because the flowering time of one district is earlier than that of the two district, we all go to one area at the beginning of the festival, and go to the two area in the second half. See the map, have not seen the mural? This is to PS: this painting should be freehand, the village did not find this tree… He said the work is a childlike innocence, mural paintings are very interesting. Today also forwarded a micro-blog, when it comes to domestic painted murals by the government reported, while South Korea’s murals are painted with the past, wish domestic everywhere are beautiful murals, time does not need to wait too long. Sunflower village unique numbers, very cute. People like Obama saying this and a children’s namesake   Obama ha time to go slightly later, so go directly to the two district. The road walk slowly, a window was opened suddenly, an old woman with a strong dialect said "man, you are to see the flowers? Go straight ahead and you’ll see "the first reaction was a real shock… In the city life are not even on certain understanding, which people take the initiative to take the initiative to show you the way;相关的主题文章:

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