"Final Fantasy 15" evaluation: to adapt and survive and change   [original] content, please indicate the source from the "Final Fantasy" V13 to "Final Fantasy 15", this may be the "Final Fantasy" as a "Final Fantasy", ten years can change very much the same the light is not moved, and years of waiting and the enthusiasm of the fans. I never doubt Japanese stories and grasp the details, take the "Final Fantasy", a movie screen, excellent design, Grand View of the world, shaking music, and impressed me the most is the "Final Fantasy 9" Linde Pullman was destroyed after selling the old pickled cabbage grandma said that her grandson was born, his eyes are blind to see, with the flow of the game before, just two words, than I have ever seen any big sad scenes are more heartache, this is the "Final Fantasy".   game: "Final Fantasy 15" is produced by squaresoft AI Nicks developed action role-playing game, released in November 29, 2016, the state line version, the game platform for PS4 and Xbox One. The game was originally called "Final Fantasy V13 (Final Fantasy Versus XIII)" in 2006 E3 announced, has bounced and production for many years, finally renamed the "Final Fantasy 15", for many years of waiting and the enthusiasm of the fans is the most precious wealth and the story of the novel, as well as the song "Somnus" that is V13 and 15 years of succession, although the game changed a lot, but this song can interpret these years of feelings.     combat system: "Final Fantasy 15" compared with the previous version, happened to turn the world upside down changes, first of all is the most important way of fighting, changing from the traditional turn completely into the current battle mode, in fact, we from the "Final Fantasy 13" and "final Fantasy: to zero" feel SE in this kind of change seeking, reform is imminent, because the traditional Japanese RPG game is not the mainstream in the global scope, and "Final Fantasy 13" and then subjected to a series of bad reviews, SE do not want their own gold signs smashed, so this is not to change, but in order to adapt and survive and change, the encounter took 13 and the same way, part of the enemy will be displayed directly on the map, but there is still a minesweeper Yudi mode In the battle, game player can operate the protagonist Noctis, another 3 bestie in different occupation way around by computer control, can adopt the strategies such as Rao after the attack tactics, the same comparison round, this model is also more real-time to game player operations, including attack, dodge and a series of actions, although getting started be a little more difficult, but after a few battles can understand, the encounter and battle system, I give out, change just perfect operation and cooperation at the same time, reflect the people have a play action game shuangkuaigan. Say the magic system, this thing may be a player will not touch the end相关的主题文章:

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