Friday: SMG 001 morale Nuremberg home court fear a strong enemy in Berlin on Friday 001 Nuremberg VS combined with 2016-10-01 00:30 00:302016 Beijing October 1st 17 season German Football League eighth round of the first game will be three games, the Nuremberg team will meet Berlin united team in the home court. The home team in the last five games 1 wins and 4 losses, the 4 wins 1 flat in the last five games. In the last round of League Nuremberg team won the first win of the season after the morale, the state of Berlin is very good and usher in a joint team, want to use up the home court advantage won the first winning streak this season I’m afraid the difficulty is not small. The status of home court operations of the Nuremberg team in Sunday’s Second Division League away 3 to 1 victory over the Bielefeld team, finally won the first win of the season. After the opening with a strong offensive game of the Nuremberg team did not get the chance and missed a penalty two minutes after the opponent was broke, in the second half equaliser after the opponent was sent off one chance with two goals in the final stage of the competition, the final 1 wins away 3 after the game, Nuremberg coach Schwartz said the team played very well and make unremitting efforts to finally get the first victory of the season. The home court Friday ushered in Berlin joint team, the Nuremberg team coach Schwartz said the opponent and the Brunswick team this season to best team and in the last four rounds of the League lost only 1 balls, the Nuremberg team will face a severe test, the team will do our best to continue the steady state and the current debate and take the first straight down this season. From the injury situation, the main defender Margaret, the main defensive midfielder Islas Alus is in the vanguard, the main treatment goalkeeper R. Schaefer is adjusted, half the main defender Moore, the main attacking midfielder doubtful Bold Levin played because of injury, compensation for attacking midfielder gislason back injury. The status of the road of Berlin united team in the Second Division League in the home court Tuesday morning 2 to 0 victory over St. Pauli team, four game winning streak in the league. The Berlin united team after the opening with excellent offensive and defensive state immediately to opponents in the first half even into two balls in the second half against the opponent’s counterattack and unable to grasp the opportunity to expand the score, the final 2 to 0 victory home court, after Berlin United coach J. Keller said the team played very well in the first half and create three a good chance to counterattack in the second half solid defense at the same time. This Friday away Nuremberg team, Berlin United coach J. Keller said in this season’s overall performance is good the Berlin united team will not change their attitude according to the opponent of the game but will enhance the team through hard training, the game will do our best to go away from the band score. From the injury situation, the main right back Kaiser is rehabilitation, substitute attacking midfielder B. Kohler, the main attacking midfielder M. Steele, striker Brandi, the main center of Kuanayin injury, who are attacking midfielder R. substitute state adjustment, other players can play. Game information weather: sunny, 21° ball.相关的主题文章:

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