Fun with your waistline of the day and night tourism in Guangzhou – Sohu has a figure of enchanting buildings – Canton Tower, because looks like a small waist female figure, so called "waistline", Canton Tower is the highest China, the world’s second high TV tower. Has been to Guangzhou for several times, each time after see the waistline, it will be attracted to could not help but look. When it opened in 2010, it became a new landmark for Guangzhou. Meet the blue sky and white clouds good weather, readily take a picture of Canton Tower is a beautiful landscape. Well, not much to say, I began to follow the text how to run the Canton Tower. Visitors at the bottom of the tower can receive a Canton Tower guide to better understanding of Canton Tower. The ticket office and a port is divided into East, west two, west of the visitor center near the booking office. The opening hours of Canton Tower is 9:30- in the morning at 22:30 in the morning when the door will be less. Ticket office has automatic ticket machine, touch screen operation is very simple, eliminating the manual ticket window queuing time. Canton Tower ticket price is 150 yuan respectively, 228 yuan 298 yuan 398 yuan (adult price), strongly recommend the 398 yuan package, because all items can be played, including sightseeing hall, Ferris wheel, jumping machine, 488 meters outdoor viewing platform. (above the net buy it there will be concessions Oh ~) need a security, water and lighters are not brought up, check is relatively strict. The 17-22 layer is Jin Yi International Film City, the environment is very good, blue and white design style makes people feel very comfortable. The image and quality of the film in the viewing hall are very good, enjoying the perfect combination of hearing and vision. Between the seat and the seat of each row space is relatively large, can put down your long legs don’t worry easy to play to the front of the chair. Purchase tickets at the bottom of the Guangzhou tower. Higher than 428 meters, there is a Guinness world record of the world’s highest air post office, can give friends or to send a postcard from the sky. I often go out to travel abroad will send a postcard, I think it makes sense, and so many years later to see their own postcards will have a lot of memories. A vacant corridor full transparent toughened glass on the 108 floor, city building and the beautiful panoramic view of Pearl River, to experience the excitement of the senses. There is no fear at all I stand on this glass feeling too cool!! brave friends can challenge me Oh, here is the photo was forced local ~ 460 meters higher than the world’s highest transverse Ferris wheel in Canton Tower tower, Canton Tower Ferris wheel is a lot of people choose to take wedding photos or marry the resort. Because the ferris wheel brings the feeling is always romantic, with their beloved hand in the ferris wheel together this is a very happy thing. The first time in such a high place to ride the ferris wheel, feel the world is on my feet transfer, the beauty of Guangzhou is so generous to show in my eyes. This is white.相关的主题文章:

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