Fuzhou 113 bus Jicha female students will punish the driver falls Strait news network November 5th (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Zhu Minmin Mao Zhaoqing) the evening of 3, the netizen said rebellion, about 9:22 that night, Fuzhou Industrial Road, Phoenix pool near the bus station, 113 bus driver slammed the brakes, causing her from the last row the car fell to the middle of the car, his knees bruised, swollen waist. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the user, her surname Ding, 23 years old, is a junior college students in Fuzhou. Ding Tongxue told reporters, the evening of 3, she learned from overseas Chinese high school bus station, take bus No. 113, to the Phoenix pool bus station. At that time, the car is quite relaxed, in addition to the car in front of the seat is full, and no standing. Then, in the car, she met a classmate. Around 9:22 that night, the car arrived at the Phoenix pool bus station, she stood up from the last row of seats. May at this time, a bus brakes, her entire person instantly thrown forward a few meters, fell in a position to the rear door. Ding Tong doctrine, someone shouted on the car, someone fell, but the driver ignored. Then, the classmates and other passengers picked her up and got off the bus. After getting off the bus, she saw his knee bruising, waist swelling, after she repeatedly contact the bus company, the 113 team, but have no results. Later, she called the police. Yesterday morning, the reporter contacted the Fuzhou bus company. "The time of the incident is about 9:18 that night, due to improper operation of the driver, causing passengers injured." Yesterday afternoon, the Fuzhou public transport company responded that the tune looked at the car monitoring, video display passengers were companions holding off, and did not find the driver to reflect the situation. The driver said, then prepare the station, passengers found no hurt. Fuzhou bus company stakeholders also said yesterday morning, after the contact of the passengers and the team, the team has arranged for the injured to the hospital and other matters. They will be punished for the driver. (channel network) >相关的主题文章:

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