Fuzhou: newborn twins live for parents of children at the University School Report – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 17, at home (Gao Yuxin Chen Yazhen) another school season a year, the University of frequent tactics to meet new arrival. In September 17th, the Fujian Normal University Union College with a pair of twin sisters freshmen participate in live, look at the university with a new perspective for a freshman to report live. To report the same day, the school of new media studio invited a pair of the same advertising professional twin sisters and brother and sister school freshmen, cooperation for the new live. Figure for the twin sisters and sister live in campus situation. (Ye Xiaohui photo) photo of the teaching building, there is a boiling water in the room, do you? "" "" "" (Photo by Ye Xiaohui)" "Are there any foreign teachers in our college?" Live in the sisters, Shi Xinyu Shi Xinpeng to anchor Tang Aru questions, the latter answer. Sister flower is also under the leadership of the two anchors visited the library, classrooms, canteens, student apartments and other campus logo building, and the interaction with friends. Their lively and cheerful appearance attracted netizens have commented: sister and sister are very cute!" "Their problems also represent the majority of new questions, one of the purposes of our live broadcast is to allow students to report the process and the functions of the district has a more intuitive, more in-depth understanding." Activities responsible person, the new media studio, said Dong Hao, live also allows parents can not accompany the child to report to the scene, the child’s college life more secure. It is understood that the sisters start from kindergarten reading together, in the eyes of the Xinpeng sister, sister is very cute, very let a person to love, occasionally coquetry. In the younger sister Shi Xinyu seems, the older sister is a more responsible, have a person to play, at a critical moment or encounter an emergency situation will be much more calm than their own. After high school, the sisters two people a liberal arts, a reading science, which makes them feel more surprised at the same professional. When we fill in the voluntary reporting is not the same, after the admission results we feel very magical." Sister Shi said. "I didn’t know how to take the first time, but I was a little nervous, but when I came to school, I became a host. It was so cool!" Shi Xinyu said. On the morning of the report in the live broadcast, a total of more than 4000 people have watched. It is reported that night, they will also live on the new activities. (end)相关的主题文章:

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