Gene technology help elderly examination Harbin Medical University Hospital for the elderly of the city to help association of cancer screening free methyl (Xu Xu) in September 20th, Harbin Medical University Hospital genetic testing center for the city of Harbin ZhuLao helping 22 volunteers association has made great contribution to the motherland and Society for the elderly, the DNA methylation free cancer screening. 9 in the morning on the 20 day, 22 elderly people in old society volunteers helped down to Harbin Medical University Hospital Medical Center second. Second Medical Center Director Ni Lixin led the medical staff, carefully check the situation of the elderly, and one by one blood collection. ZhuLao Association, by CSL rocks are selected, has made great contribution to the motherland and Society for the elderly, the oldest was 86 years old, and several had participated in the liberation war veterans. Ni Lixin, director of the introduction, taking into account the older people tend to fatigue, for them to arrange a blood collection of DNA 5ml methylation tumor screening in order to reduce the time and process of physical examination of the elderly. Due to methylation screening only blood 5ml, some elderly people asked only a tube of blood on the end? Harbin Medical University Hospital doctor patient explanation, as long as 5 milliliters of blood pump can detect lesions in many parts of the body even in the early stage of tumor. The old people feel that the country is really progress, the doctor has become simple. Had participated in the Liaoshen campaign of Yang Yumin more than and 80 years old this year, he said before the routine physical examination every year to wait a long time, a check down, old really too much, now draw blood without fasting, is really too easy, Ni Lixin director, DNA methylation in tumor screening only extraction 5ml of venous blood, not only can one-time early and ultra early screening of female body 19, male body 16 common cancer and a variety of special rare cancer, but also detected diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other non neoplastic diseases and inflammation, infection and other non organ diseases. With the social assessment of risk probability of detection of many different gene technology, the molecular technology focus in cancer and disease stage process, which can reflect the real detection test current health status, realize cancer and diseases "zero level prevention", the risk of cancer in the bud stage to see. Detection without fasting, no pain, no trigger the spread of cancer risk, no radiation, with additional inspection, track inspection and simple inquiry, the accuracy can reach more than 90%. With convenient and efficient detection coverage, accurate detection results and many other advantages, since 2008 has been in South Korea, Japan and Europe and the United States carried out nearly 600 thousand cases, systemic early cancer screening technology is currently the world’s leading. The old people were free of DNA methylation in tumor screening test in Double Ninth Festival on the same day results, then second Harbin Medical University Hospital Medical Center, according to the inspection report, provide accurate individualized health guidance and treatment scheme for old people, let these have to contribute to the motherland’s old people can enjoy the technological development the convenience in old age.相关的主题文章:

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