"Good voice" send custom single MV Steve Wanda Sohu – All Star Entertainment singing and dubbing animated characters a large photo of "happy voice" in the December 21st Christmas season landed in North American cinemas [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news by universal pictures and illumination entertainment together to create a new animation masterpiece "happy voice" is coming to theaters in North America in the December 21st Christmas season. Following the trailers and posters and other variety of heavy material after exposure, the film side announced today a special custom for the film "MV" Faith ", a song by the legendary musician Steve and American singer Ellie – Wanda Anna grand together to sing.     the movie "happy voice" for customized single "Faith" issue is ho throw lots of money, not only invited to the Oscar and Grammy prize winner Steve Wanda and won many awards, Grammy platinum sales over a million of the more popular singer Ellie Anna grand together to sing, but also to have won the Grammy songwriter award, Producer Award Ryan Tate and Benni Blanke two music heavyweights for song production. Ryan – ted used to Adele (Adele), Beyonce (Beyoncé U2) and Orchestra made many songs, Benny Blanke also worked with Rihanna (Rihanna), ed Sheeran (Ed Sheeran) and Katie Perry (Katy Perry) and other famous singers worked. Currently Faith has been fully open through Republic Records online channels. At the same time, the happy sound of the original soundtrack of the film will be open on November 18th. It is worth mentioning that Steve is a contemporary famous Wanda singer, in addition to record breaking million global sales of his amazing, he also won the 25 Grammy award ever winning the highest number of Male Solo Music, he has also been awarded the United Nations peace make peace, honor, is a model set many charitable and social activist identity in a. It’s designed for the movie "happy voice" customized single "Faith" is Steve – Wanda in more than 25 years for the first time the movie theme song. In this MV, dynamic and lively melodies, passionate interpretation of two singers and small animal singing picture cohesion, heavenly music very appealing, let a person released on this has been hailed as the "good voice" in the animal world carnival movies and film music is full of the sound of Central Plains look forward to. "Good voice" by "the Milky Way Hitchhiker’s Guide" director Garth Jennings and directed by screenwriter, and had launched a "thief Daddy", "big pet confidential" and other hit films behind the team together to create. The story of a man named April Bole koalas from father’s inherited a decadent theater, in order to restore the glorious past, he held a large singing competition to attract a large number of hitherto unknown, the role of attending. In addition, the film has super ho.相关的主题文章:

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