Guangzhou, the first suite of loans to recover the housing and recognize the loan? False information! – Guangdong Channel – People’s original title: Guangzhou, the first suite of loans to recover the housing and recognize the loan? False information! Side of the car, the central bank recently convened 5 large state-owned banks and 12 joint-stock commercial bank housing credit bank held a meeting, the central bank requires commercial banks to the rational treatment of the property market, strengthen the management of the housing credit, loan risk control related. On the other side of the car, the day before yesterday evening, Guangzhou next week even the first mortgage to pay off, then purchase Shoufu from 30% to 70% of the news in the WeChat circle of friends crazy turn. Reporters learned yesterday, the central bank regulation of mortgage is true, but from the beginning of next week in Guangzhou to recover the housing and credit information is false. Including the four lines, including a number of banks have said that mortgage policy stability, no change. The relevant regulatory authorities in Guangzhou have said that the mortgage has not released the adjustment message, has not heard of the new deal will be released. Guangzhou business loan policy yet adjusted according to the central bank and other regulatory authorities will strengthen supervision and inspection of the housing finance business of financial institutions. In addition to new loans, the current regulation will not be directly proportional to the limit, but the total requirement is not too much new loans to invest in real estate, slowing housing credit growth. The same day, the Shanghai banking regulatory bureau held a meeting to the real estate credit risk to the bank under its. In this context, the day before yesterday evening, one of the Guangzhou purchase will raise the "internal information" on the network crazy pass, content for the first mortgage to pay off the house, Shoufu from 30% to 70%. "You were also reminded to do net signed, expected the bank policy will be adjusted in the near future, banks began to tighten monetary policy." Yesterday, the reporter confirmed to a number of departments. Guangzhou branch of the central bank, the Banking Bureau of Guangdong province and other stakeholders have said that the current Guangzhou policy is the latest release during the national day, everything is still in accordance with the implementation of this policy, has not heard of the new policy issued similar. The Guangzhou municipal government insiders are basically consistent with the rumors, and will report such public opinion. The number of banks in Guangzhou also told reporters that the individual housing loan policy there are currently no plans to adjust. Reporters learned that the investigation, the current Guangzhou first suite down payment ratio of 3, the main interest rate of 15% off, the proportion of down payment of the first suite of 7 into the mainstream interest rate as the benchmark to go up by 10%. (Lin Xiaoli) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)相关的主题文章:

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