Ravines, Ye Tong Road (the new exploration of poverty alleviation livelihood survey line?) – Guizhou Channel – people.com.cn original title: ravines, Lu Ye Tong (New Exploration of poverty alleviation livelihood survey line?) no core reading in rural road, poverty is difficult. Guizhou city in Renhuai province launched the "rural well-off road three years of poverty", built and upgraded 3788 kilometers of rural roads, the basic realization of rural household access. In addition to ensure that funds, maintenance in place, Renhuai also focus on the relationship between road and industry, both industry and traffic. The road, big tourism, tea, and the rise of the mobile supermarket shop, 7 Township poverty reduction hat, 82 thousand people out of poverty. Up to now, has been built and transformation of 3788 kilometers of rural roads. This is the city of Guizhou province in October 2013 officially launched the three years after the rural well-off road, after the surrender of the transcripts of the year in the year of the year, in. 3788 km, which means that in the future in Renhuai, whether you are in the city or in remote mountainous areas, regardless of your car is two, three or four round, you can start from the home of the road, said go. Guizhou is not a plain Province, the valley of the territory of Renhuai is more intensive, naturally higher than the cost of plain areas, difficult. In this case, the rural household have the unusual significance. The pigs are gravel roads. The thin, super public financing by the end of 700 million 2 thousand and 15, Guizhou in the western province of the first counties in high speed; this year, the city of Renhuai in the territory of the basic realization of the province’s rural household off road. Guizhou people on the feelings of the mountains, is complex. Renhuai municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Yihao said: "the desire of the people can not experience the plain people on the mountain. Passepartout, people heart, baiyetong." Renhuai City Vice Mayor Yuan Renduan said, "it is very important to build roads, long distances than later repaired", this is the consensus of the people. As for how to repair, but to consider a number of factors. For example, the utilization of the high and low, promote economic development of the role of the size of the difficulty of technology, etc.. One of the most critical factor is the funding problem. On the source of funds for the road, Renhuai City, the traffic three years of action is not ideal. As Moutai wine wine producing area, Renhuai is a typical "fiscal wine". In 2013, Renhuai wine industry pressure, single industrial structure, fiscal suddenly become tight. Crack funding problems, need to develop ideas. Gan deputy director of the Renhuai Municipal Finance Bureau said, Renhuai’s biggest characteristic, is able to mobilize, mining individual and market forces. "The masses hit the ground, the government paved the way." This is the way to raise funds to raise funds in Renhuai. Since the new farmer home in front of the road, to the farmers from a bystander to the participants. 3788 km of the road, accounting for the bulk of the village is a group of 2822 km hardening Road, which is connected to the rural households, capillaries". How to render? How to shop? City Transportation Secretary Wang Yuanqiang introduction, combined with the actual, Renhuai developed three pavement width standards, namely, 2.5 meters, 3.5 meters, 4.5 meters. The door of the road repair does not repair, according to what criteria, the right to decide in the hands of farmers, led by the village cadres to vote on the matter by way of a discussion, and finally to the township (town), city approval. )相关的主题文章:

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