Hao Longbin, Lian Shengwen, or the formation of a young army run 2018- Beijing China Taiwan news network September 17th the preparations for the 2018, in addition to the Central Party committee will launch the "martial arts", KMT vice chairman Hao Longbin and the KMT Central Committee Lian Shengwen recently moves frequently, in addition to education for the party, the future does not rule out direct support for young people, to provide resources for the Kuomintang take the beachhead. According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Hao Longbin’s Office spokesman You Shuhui said, a new person is most in need of "exposure, travel and policy knowledge, in order to help prospective candidates for the party’s youth awareness and boost in links, in addition to office will provide travel Hao, Hao will worship local people will notice the relative constituency interested candidates with their peers, directly into the grass. In addition, Hao office has also set up a municipal database, in addition to continuing careful collection of municipal information database, providing access to the candidate, will be invited to stand the party’s youth not regular meetings, exchange information with each other through policy advice; resource platform series, future can also play groups battle. Outside the Hao Longbin campaign planning, 2018 County Council elections, will launch 20 youth run in "North North peach", urging grassroots shake. Hao do low-key, still in planning. As for the straight text camp, its Office spokesman Qian Zhenyu said, before the Lien said to do something for the young people, for young people to stand, even under the auspices of the "Youth Development Foundation" will provide resources together into the grassroots activities. Qian Zhenyu said, has been with the incumbent party Shuangbei Alderman Chen Mingyi, Chen Zhongwen, Guo Zhaoyan, Chen Bingfu held a preliminary cooperation, "Lego summer camp", "English summer camp" parent-child activities, will be the same CF model to assist potential candidates for newcomers into the grass. Qian Zhenyu said, because the foundation of limited resources, in the short term will double the North intends to run the party’s youth to support the subsequent object, hoping to raise more resources will run out to support the object region. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章:

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