Hawick Lau micro-blog. Liu Yan? Response: fake map is P Hawick Lau Liu Yan of micro-blog. Net exposure shots, Hawick Lau said that the staff of this map is P Hawick Lau is Kim V user Hawick Lau said the staff figure is P! Wendy the Sina entertainment news network exposed Hawick Lau [micro-blog] micro-blog at Liu Yan [micro-blog] said, "you never play at night? Like you have a script." This is a screenshot immediately triggered hot, two seemingly tear open show will be staged. However, after investigation, this micro-blog screenshot is P! Since last Wednesday night exposed Hawick Lau in Wang Ou’s room for 4 hours after the event continues to ferment. Hawick Lau responded to two people in the script. Liu Yan recently in an interview that he talked about the matter in order to avoid arousing suspicion, never asked to play at night. Through chat software to solve the problem, video, voice are very convenient. In November 15th, Hawick Lau Liu Yan of micro-blog network exposed your screenshot, "said if you have the same script." Trigger hot friends. Sina entertainment for the first time to contact the staff of Hawick Lau, the other said this figure is P! Rumourmongers expose evidence in the micro-blog Gold Certified V icon. True and false micro-blog certified icon! November 15th, Sina upgraded V certification, yellow V certification + last month to read more than ten million of users can be upgraded to gold V, enjoy the exclusive identification of gold V. And Hawick Lau to meet the above conditions, has been upgraded to gold V users, micro-blog head next to gold V. And Hawick Lau Liu Yan of micro-blog. Net exposure screenshot, Hawick Lau’s Avatar is still yellow V. Comparison of a map, you can distinguish between true and false. (Wendy) (Bai Ling: commissioning editor sina.com.cn) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章:

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