Hebei Luanhe River was dumped a lot of gravel river cut down the middle (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, Tangshan, November 11, (Xiao Guangming Wang Tianyi Zhang Fan) wide bed, a car loaded with gravel trucks will be a lot of gravel into the river, the turbulent flow is a truncation. The gravel piled up in the river, formed on the hill, and accordingly, is leaving a gully dredging ship. What is more, the wide river was cut off from the rubble, dripping stones in the river has been dyed black. The distance to the river, Luanhe River was flat is a ferocious. This is a new network reporter before the Luanhe River in the territory of Luanxian to see the scene. According to local villagers, near the mine rock into the Luanhe River dumping phenomenon for more than a year. "These pulled down from Sijiaying Iron Ore on the gravel, have been poured into the Luanhe River." Villagers Li Ming said. The Luanhe River in Hebei Province as the second river, a total length of 877 km. Here, gave birth to the local pride "Luanhe River culture", it was called "Luanxian Chinese Luanhe River culture village". Public data shows, since 2011, the Luanxian government has held six consecutive session with "Luan River" as the theme of the cultural festival. Recently, the reporter found that such a local government is proud of the river, but now it has become a mine near the garbage dump". Early winter morning, before dawn, the roar of the machine has been woken up in Luanxian Xiang Tang Zhen Cai Ying River Luan River Village South sleeping. With a motor noise, filled with gravel compartment of a car slowly tilted and rubble into the river. The truck has just departed, waiting truck immediately came to the rubble, scraping, and then raised, a truck loaded with gravel truck coming. Reporters visual, this piece of gravel is "flat" out of the river, has more than 2 square meters. "A year ago began to pour stones into the river, and many times a day there are dozens of cars." Li Ming said. Li Ming grew up in the Luanhe River shore, the river once the Luanhe River is clear and transparent, he often in the Luanhe River in net fishing, "now you see this water, where fish?" Li Ming pointed to the river. Beneath his feet, the river flowing through the rubble had been stained with muddy dark blue. Under the leadership of Li Ming, Beijing reporters along the Luanhe River from Luanxian Xiangtang Town section of a road to Luannan County, long town Ma Ning Zhen section found that more than ten gravel point exists in this section of about 10 km long river, especially in the horse town, about five hundred or six hundred meters wide river the Tao has been gravel cut off, "large trucks to walk the path to the rock unloading of Luanhe River beach, very subtle." Li Ming said. Large trucks are unloading gravel in Luanhe river. The truck driver Xiao Guangming photo of a transportation stone told reporters that these stones are from the Luanhe River near our mountain Pi Shi Jia Ying iron transport out of the surface of the skin, "mountain stone stripped off, can be produced iron ore." The driver explained that the gravel should be transported to the legal procedures of the accumulation point, but because of the accumulation point of the road far away, the owners will let them dump the nearest dumping. Reporters then came to be located相关的主题文章:

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