Hefei and kill sister inverse matricide case was eventually sentenced to life imprisonment without tracking in August 4, 2016, by Hefei city procuratorate prosecution, Hefei City Intermediate People’s Court of intentional murder and sentenced the defendant Liu Yongqiang to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life. So far, the inverse matricide after two times of mental illness, judicial identification, criminal responsibility is limited to around or complete criminal responsibility had a heated debate in the court case, finally to fully convict prosecutor accused of taking. The end of the first instance, but the case to bring people’s psychological impact is difficult to end with the case. Review key matricide prosecuted in November 18, 2015, Liu Yongqiang homicide was transferred to Hefei city procuratorate a prosecution, the prosecutor Ye Juanjuan served as the undertaker. The case is a special intentional homicide, the suspect Liu Yongqiang killed his own mother, want to continue to kill his sister Lee attempted. An investigation organ commissioned forensic psychiatric hospital in Hefei have done about the spirit of Liu Yongqiang disease identification report with file materials, think Liu Yongqiang "alcohol dependence syndrome, patients with mental disorders caused by alcohol or personality", in the incidence of crime. Affected by mental illness, the ability to identify and control their own acts of crime has been weakened, assessed as a limited capacity for criminal responsibility. But in the situation of the case, the case after the incident, Liu Yongqiang in the case of thin matricide examination, undertake criminal responsibility of the suspect Liu Yongqiang prosecutors doubt. The 56 year old Liu Yongqiang did not work and long-term drinking, monthly on her daughter’s aid to life. March 2015 live together with old mother, because his mother was angry about his job idle, often blame him, Liu Yongqiang was very impatient, and the mother has a bad relationship. Had also hit the mother, forcing the old mother away from home once. On the morning of June 1, 2015, the mother asked Liu Yongqiang to help buy a pair of reading glasses, Liu Yongqiang from a vegetable market stalls to buy a home, the mother tried on a feel dizzy, then let Liu Yongqiang go back. Liu Yongqiang was very angry, then let the mother go on together and jumping himself, old mother from struggling. Liu Yongqiang will be towed to the living room he’s really not letting this go, mother to pour in the ground, also hard pinch neck until the old mother, the old mother koutubaimo death. After her mother died, Liu Yongqiang took out from chores between rusty kitchen knife in the neck, mother mouth, forehead of the draw knife. Then the mother who still put some food on the chest, put a lot of coins and bills, face and abdomen put a bucket of ice water, and then in the door to write "Lee (the parent name) 7:55 on June 1, 2015". After the incident, he confessed that the food is bitter because the mother did not eat, what good stuff; put money because the mother had always put the money in their own hands, so after death also give her the money; if the body is placed in ice water. Kill the mother, Liu Yongqiang think it is the half sister of life distress caused by lee. Although Lee is usually more than the phase相关的主题文章:

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