Hongkong National Day fireworks display will include "Kung Fu" "ocean" and other elements – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong, September 19 (star Yang Zhelin) to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the founding of People’s Republic of China, October 1st 9 pm in Hongkong over the Vitoria harbour will have lasted 23 minutes and 30 seconds of the National Day fireworks display. Organizers announced on 19, this year’s fireworks design includes Kung Fu, ocean and other elements. The National Day fireworks display will be 23888 pieces of fireworks shells from 3 barges, a 800 meters wide and 300 meters high in the formation of fireworks in the sky screen. The display consists of 8 scenes, respectively "the upper reaches of the Yellow River", "under the Lion Rock", "Spring Waltz", "Kung Fu", "Fire Dance", "my pride", "song of the sea" and "the Yellow River River". Among them, there are fourth distinctive scene "Kung Fu" and the fifth act "Fire Dance", the fireworks in the air with high rotation speed and create a dragon leap "spin dragon" effect. The former will be like the people in Hongkong by the martial arts movie soundtrack "order" as the background music also. In addition, the "song of the sea," the seventh act will be blue jellyfish, pink jellyfish and a variety of forms of plankton, a common interpretation of the diversity of marine ecology in Hongkong. This year’s National Day festival by the Hongkong SAR government and the Home Affairs Bureau, by the Hainan provincial CPPCC member association sponsors. The chairman Zhang Xuexiu said, plus the evening fireworks display National Day evening party budget total of HK $8 million, he hoped that the use of fireworks for national blessing, wish Hongkong, logical administration and harmonious people will be better tomorrow. He also said, will invite about 400 low-income family professionals and students attended the National Day evening party, watch the fireworks display. The organizers, Hongkong residents and tourists in Tsim Sha Tsui, central, Wan Chai, Tongluowan mountain, and Hung Hom bypass and other places, to watch the fireworks scene. (end)相关的主题文章:

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