How do the Japanese finance under negative interest rates? Buy safe U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes for "Daozhong warrants Homes Adachi Taiwan small shop" safe stores. On the afternoon of February 19th, the Beijing stock exchange of sina, Tokyo, was reported by the Kyodo news agency, Kyodo news agency, 21. Kyodo News Agency reported that the negative impact of the negative interest rate policy implemented by the Bank of Japan, the family financial management began to change. In the face of the current interest rate of bank deposit approaching 0%, apart from paying attention to the provident fund of department stores and travel agencies, some people began to buy safes because of worrying about "the future deposit interest rate may be negative". The real rate of return is 8%, and the number of members of "Friends Club" in major department stores is increasing. Members of the customer as long as a month to deposit a certain amount of money, every period of time will get the department store shopping vouchers and so on. Many department store regulations, such as customers for 12 consecutive months each month into the 5000~50000 yen (about 290 yuan to 2900 yuan), will get 1 months bonus. It’s not a financial commodity, but the actual annual yield is about 8%. Takashima Ya December 1~14 friends will join the number of female dominated growth, compared with the same period last year increased by about 14%; the big pill Matsuzakaya department store is also increased by about 7; the Odakyu department store 1~18 on the number of membership increased about 1 times. Odakyu department store responsible person said: "because of unease about the negative interest rate policy and in April next year, the consumption tax increase, as far as possible, trying to find out favorable financial channels increase in customers." Special demand for travel agencies "Travel Fund" is also very popular. JTB group’s provident fund system can be used for tourism or international air tickets and other JTB tourism products. Although the actual yield is different according to the package, JTB is set at an annual rate of 1.5%~2.5%. Tokyo is located in Adachi supplies store "Homes Daozhong Adachi Taiwan small shop" on the 18 day in the safe stores posted a "positive attention!" Billboard. In the last month, the sales of the safes increased by about 4 compared with the same period last year. There is also a calm view of the "special demand" caused by the negative interest rate policy. A department store chief said: "we will be careful publicity, do not let customers mistakenly think that as long as joining the friends of the meeting will get interest."." Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

负利率下日本人如何理财?买保险柜 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 图为“岛忠Homes足立小台店”的保险柜卖场。2月19日下午摄于东京都足立区(共同社)   新浪美股讯 北京时间21日 共同社报道,受日本央行实施的负利率政策影响,家庭理财方式开始出现变化。面对银行活期存款利率接近0%的现状,除了开始关注百货商店和旅行社的公积金之外,也有人因担忧“将来存款利率可能为负”,为在“家中存钱”而开始购买保险柜。   实际收益率8%   各大百货店的“友之会”会员人数在不断增加。会员顾客只要每月存入一定的金额,每隔一段时间将获得该百货店的购物券等。   很多百货店规定,如顾客连续12个月每月存入5000~50000日元(约合人民币290元至2900元)左右,将获得1个月的奖金。虽然不是金融商品,但实际上的年收益率约达8%。   高岛屋本月1~14日友之会的入会人数以女性为主出现增长,与上年同期相比增加约14%;大丸松坂屋百货也增加了约7成;小田急百货店1~18日的入会人数增加了约1倍。   小田急百货店负责人介绍称:“因为对负利率政策及明年4月的消费税增税感到不安,尽可能摸索有利的理财渠道的顾客在增加。”   特别需求   旅行社的“旅行公积金”也十分人气。JTB集团的公积金制度可将公积金用于旅游或国际机票等JTB的旅游商品。虽然根据套餐实际收益率也不相同,但JTB设定为年率1.5%~2.5%。   位于东京都足立区的生活用品店“岛忠Homes足立小台店”18日起在保险柜卖场贴出了“正受到关注!”的广告牌。该店最近一个月保险柜的销售额同比增加了约4成。   也有人对这一负利率政策引发的“特别需求”持冷静观点。某百货负责人表示:“我们将谨慎宣传,不要让顾客误以为只要加入友之会就可获得利息。” 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章:

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