Self-Improvement How to accelerate learning? One way to accelerate learning is to teach what you learn to others. Advantages: You learn better when you teach oWhen you see yourself as a teacher, you take a far more responsible attitude toward the learning. You are far more motivated to learn when you are responsible to teach. When you teach what you learn, you promote bonding in the relationship oAn authentic teaching experience causes both teacher and learner to be.e more bonded. People who have been influenced by great teachers tend to feel very close to them. What is a suitable time to teach? It is time to teach when People are not threatened. You should create an environment in which the person feels more secure and receptive Youre not angry or frustrated. The other person needs help and support. Effective teaching method in order to accelerate learning: Be engaging oInstead of giving one-sided lecture, try to get your students involved. Teaching is not simply talking and writing. Try to engage your students, ask them questions, present scenarios, ask them to create a scenario. Keep in mind that information which is presented in one direction is often f.otten. Tell stories & Role Play oInstead of giving out plain and dull information, try to make it interesting. Convert your information into stories or try to slip in new information into an existing story. If you think telling a story is not engaging enough, ask you students to do a role play or even do the role play with them. Use applied learning oIf people ask me how to accelerate learning, the first thing I think of is to use applied learning. Let me convince you why… oInformation/knowledge itself might be abstract, hard to understand, or hard to remember without any application. We all know that the best way to learn maths is to practice and do exercise. However, Id say that doing practice exercise is the best way to prepare a maths exam, not to learn maths. I tend to about it after a one month holiday. I believe most people do. However, people never about the basic of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Why? Because we encounter problems about them almost every day. We are applying these techniques in a regular basis. So using applied learning is really important. To maximize the benefit brought from applied learning, you should tailor the applied learning experience to the interest of the student. Now that you have learnt more about how to accelerate learning, try it out! Make the most out of this post. Good luck to your study and teaching. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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