China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Huang Hong: really buy long-term life insurance policy of only about forty million people (09) Securities Times News Network on 04 Securities Times reporter Zhao Chunyan "1 billion 370 million Chinese, about forty million only to buy long-term life insurance policy." In the day before, hosted the first China life insurance development forum, China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Huang Hong said in a statement the above information. Huang Hong said, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission from the beginning of last year, doing one thing, namely China information technology company registered in the insurance of the insurance institutions nationwide insurance registration policy about 1 billion 400 million, volume looks very large, but only about forty million people to buy long-term life insurance policy. "But why are there 1 billion 400 million bills? Because a large number of policies are short-term, especially short-term accident insurance." Huang Hong said, in general, the people of China’s life insurance industry reform and development achievements are affirmed, but at the same time, people get a sense is not strong, this one from the coverage of long-term life insurance policy can be seen. "In a market economy, there is at least one person, or two to three long-term life insurance policies, but only less than fifty million of our population has long-term life insurance policies." In his speech, Huang Hong also mentioned the problem of structural reform of the supply side of the life insurance industry, and stressed that the development of life insurance industry to follow the law of the development of the industry, adhere to the insurance". He said that the insurance company originated in risk protection, and constantly enrich and improve individual and group risk security system development, it is essential to the industry, and the core value of industry. Even if the later derived savings and wealth management functions, but also to obey and serve the core functions of risk protection, there are primary and secondary points, the different. Promote the industry structural reforms, we must always adhere to the fundamental position of risk protection plus long-term savings, insurance insurance can not adhere to the name, but can not have the order reversed." To conform to the trend of development of the industry, emphasis on wealth management. The origin of modern life insurance only accident insurance, term life insurance, temporary security service. Later extended to life insurance, pension insurance, savings and security as a natural component of life insurance." Huang Hong said, universal insurance, investment linked insurance arising from changes in the economic environment, resulting in the real needs of consumers, is an extension of the insurance guarantee function. If the structural reform of the supply side of the industry can not comply with the development trend of wealth management, the life insurance industry in the financial development pattern will inevitably be marginalized. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章:

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