Hubei low temperature in Wuhan continued to fall into the snow in winter in Wuhan rainy, as of yesterday, in late October has 7 days of rain, is nearly 16 years over the same period the most rainy days. Tomorrow, I may have rain. Is expected to wait until the beginning of November, we are expected to usher in good weather. Rainfall has been more than 3 times the same period a year ago, Wuhan is spent in the rain. In late October of this year, Wuhan and common in previous years, autumn dry missed, but continued rainy weather, as of 5 p.m. yesterday, the cumulative rainfall of about 82.6 mm. Wuhan Meteorological Bureau data show that the average annual rainfall in late October in Wuhan about 25.1 mm. This means that in late October this year, has not yet finished, the rainfall has been more than 3 times the same period. Wuhan meteorological science expert Xiao Yuan introduction, the recent rain is not large, mainly in small to moderate rain, but on rainy days, from 21 days to 7 days yesterday, floated in the rain. 2000 – 2015, Wuhan is the most rainy day in late October 9 days in 2000, followed by 7 days of 2012. As of yesterday, in late October of this year’s rainy day is 2000 tied for the most, according to the weather forecast, tomorrow I also rain. Wuhan city meteorological experts, since late October, the Lake Baikal area of Mongolia has maintained a deep cold vortex, cold front to split the cold air southward; at the same time, the low latitude subtropical high, subtropical high and the southwest warm air north cold air just in our province intersection, gave birth to the Wuhan rainy weather. Yesterday, Wuhan temperature fell into the "winter" rain rain let Wuhan cold chills "". Data show that the average annual temperature in Wuhan in late October, the average temperature of 16.3 degrees Celsius, and in October 21st this year, -29 average temperature of only about 15 degrees celsius. Yesterday, I, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, average temperature in the second half of this year a record low, the daily average temperature dropped to 10 degrees below, this is equivalent to the winter temperatures (meteorology, sliding average temperature stability for 5 consecutive days of less than 10 DEG C, mean winter arrived). Meteorological experts, recently one after another cold air arrived in the Han, let me, already low temperatures continued to decline, fell into the "winter". On the other hand, the continuous rainy day also makes the body feel colder. Autumn and winter seasons, the greater the air humidity, the greater the wind, the faster the body heat, body temperature will be lower. The day before yesterday, the city reached the Maximum gust of 7 or so, yesterday, the city’s air relative humidity in more than 90% of the day, these reminders low body temperature. Central Meteorological Station official website data show that these two days, the body temperature in Wuhan is often lower than the temperature of more than 3 degrees Celsius, yesterday morning, the city body temperature has been reduced to a minimum of about 5.8 degrees celsius. Meteorological science experts said, although the body temperature can only be used as a reference value, but it reflects the degree of cold in our city. Of course, different people feel different on the well-being, the elderly and children may be more afraid of the cold, frail patients more often than healthy people are more likely to feel cold. The day after tomorrow is expected and rain.相关的主题文章:

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