Imported coconut oil label scribble organic supermarket consumer restitution of 6720 yuan Chongqing evening news Mr. Hu bought 1680 yuan of imported coconut oil in the Monument for Liberation in a supermarket, found labeled "organic", actually did not achieve the organic certification, would constitute fraud? Recently, the City Fifth court made two verdict: Mr. Hu returned supermarket purchase price of 1680 yuan, 5040 yuan compensation. In December 22, 2015, Mr. Hu in Chongqing a large supermarket Monument for Liberation store to buy 10 bottles of high name Shi Jue virgin coconut oil, spent 1680 yuan. The products are imported products, supermarket shelves on the label marked "Shi Jue High Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400ml, the cashier ticket marked commodity called" Organic Virgin Coconut oil". Mr. Hu, Shi Jue high virgin coconut oil has not obtained organic certification does not comply with the provisions of the measures for the administration of certified organic products, suspected fraud. He sued the supermarket to the Yuzhong district court, according to the consumer protection law, the decision to refund the purchase price of 1680 yuan supermarket, and compensation of $5040. In this case, coconut oil and imported products supermarket sales, did not achieve the organic product certification in China at the time of sale, although the product packaging is not marked Chinese label "organic", but when the supermarket sales on the shelf on the label and store receipts are labeled "organic". In the minds of ordinary consumers, organic products are more natural than non organic products, less pollution, more safe and nutritious products, and there is a big difference in price. The court held that the supermarket in the import of coconut oil has not obtained the organic product certification in China under the condition of arbitrarily labeled "organic" and other words, to mislead consumers, constitute fraud, so Mr. Hu want a refund and 3 times the compensation request support. After the court of first instance verdict, supermarkets refused to appeal. The day before the City Fifth court of second instance verdict, dismissed the appeal upheld. Chongqing evening news reporter correspondent Hao Shaobin Qu Dongmei,相关的主题文章:

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