Incorporated into the central heating boiler banned more than 300 households do not know where to pay in November 1st, has entered the heating period of 8 days, but Chaoyang District Kaiyun Street No. 43 and adjacent buildings more than 300 residents of the home are not heating, they don’t even know where to go in to the heating costs. "Every year is the" Changchun giant auto repair "to collect fees for heating heating, but this year the grid transformation, they are no longer responsible for charging and heating." On the morning of 1, lucky Street 43 building owners Ms. Teng told reporters, now we do not know where to go to the heating costs, and home heating without water, they worry that this winter heating will be affected. Residents of the home is not heating the landlord to buy a call to the tenants heating my house in July this year to rent out, the recent tenants often call me to complain about the temperature is too low at home." Ms. Teng said, she has also been to rental housing, because there were no heating in the room temperature in the house with the outside temperature, where does some. Due to delays in heating, worried that tenants will be cold, Ms. Teng also advised the tenants in the house, but because the tenants living here to travel more convenient, but also more difficult to find and the winter house, the other party will not move. In order to reduce the cold in the rental room, I also bought an electric heating for their heating." Ms. Teng said, now they in the building and the adjacent buildings are not heating, but we do not know where to pay heating costs. These two buildings originally more than 300 households, and now the house is too cold for many residents moved out." Incorporated into the central heating boiler ban residents do not know where to pay according to Ms. Teng introduced, the two buildings had been by the "Changchun zemintron aftermarket for heating costs, and for heating. But in October 20th she went to the "Changchun giant garage" office fee when he was told not to receive each other, the two buildings of the residential heating fee. The staff told me that this year the two buildings of the grid transformation, small boilers banned, our heating has been handed over, and specific locations and pay heating units will put up a notice in the day after." Ms. Teng said, afterwards, she almost every day to "Changchun zemintron aftermarket office, to see whether the posted payment notification of new locations, but failed each time. Ms. Teng said, has now entered the heating period, they are even responsible for the heating units also don’t know. "Now the room has not been injected water heating, and the original charge of staff also said they do not understand the situation. We all want to get the payment notice as soon as possible, and capable of heating." The heating pipeline is under construction is expected on the 5 day of heating on the morning of 1, according to Ms. Tang reflected the situation, the reporter came to the residential building previously responsible for heating the "Changchun zemintron aftermarket office to understand the situation. A staff member said, because of the transformation of grid this year, small boilers have been banned, so from this year the two residential buildings is no longer in their heating, and the heating enterprise specific transfer she is not clear. Then, in order to find out the causes of things, the reporter went to the West Street community of Chaoyang District Airlines evolution相关的主题文章:

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