The Japanese horror film festival held their brutal arms and legs broken are eligible to participate in the neon gold is famous in the world, I believe that many children are on "the ring" "ghost" calls "the grudge" horror fragments by heart. "Cruel Student Film Festival 2016 will be held in Tokyo on November 20th, for college students and college students special works released in blood, is an arm and a leg. This year there is a high-profile film called "my dream", female college students to apply for a job, when they go to the first volunteer company to work after the desire to fall, there has been a series of terrorist job hunting incident. Adventure film "BEE. "(formerly known as:". "Is about a pair of wonderful couple caused a burst of blood. Other works include "bloody nightmare", "the kingdom of flesh", etc.. And this is vs as the judges "Sadako Kayako" director Akira Whitehead scholar, "this wonderful and damn world" director Asakura Kayoko, the film critic three stay true by the United States, the second generation movie treasure editor Tano Nabehisahito etc.. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime.相关的主题文章:

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