Jiande City Jiangbei jade mountain will be a total investment of 24 billion 263 million yuan in Chongqing evening news yesterday, the strategy of innovation driven development projects focused on signing in Chongqing Jiangbei District (International) held a fashion center. Jiangbei District and the company signed a total of 49 key investment projects, with a total investment of $24 billion 263 million. Chongqing evening news reporter learned, Jiangbei jade mountain area will build the German city mall features. The project by the German Chamber of Commerce in Macao, Yuan Songshan, chairman of the joint group of Jinhui, Rong Heng Group jointly build. The project is located in the Shima River area, and dashiba street, Longshan street, Ranjiaba District, Shapingba District in close proximity. Construction scale of about 276 thousand square meters, plans to build a large platform (foreign economic open platform), the top three international service port (foreign business service port, International Travel Service Hong Kong, international wisdom life experience service port). In addition, Jiangbei District has also decided to arrange 3 hundred million major projects of financial innovation. The next 5 years, will achieve significant financial science and technology investment of more than $1 billion 500 million. Chongqing evening news reporter Wu Juan相关的主题文章:

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