Jiangsu Provincial Department of housing units directly under the recruitment of 7 original title: the provincial Housing Department of institutions directly under the recruitment of 7 newspaper news (reporter Xiao Shan) reporter yesterday from the provincial agency office was informed that the Provincial Department of housing and urban institutions directly under the recruitment of 7 into the editing staff. Registration address: (Jiangsu provincial institutions open recruitment platform), registration, photo upload time: September 22nd 09:00, September 29th 16:00. The requirements of the age of 35 years of age, that is, born after September 1, 1981, master’s degree or above. Among them, the recruitment of urban planning researchers, urban planning and design, human geography, with a corresponding degree, with urban planners and above titles, more than 5 years of urban planning experience. The recruitment of the real estate market monitoring of personnel requirements, management science and engineering, land resources management, human geography specialty, to obtain the corresponding degree, CET six and above, with engineer title, work of more than 2 years experience.相关的主题文章:

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