Job seekers come to see Guangxi the 10 position the lack of people (Figure) contemporary life newspaper reporter   Huang Jing core tip first serve as a series of reports, this let us focus on Guangxi industry talent supply and demand situation. In November 2nd, the three quarter of this year, the talent supply and demand analysis report released Guangxi talent network system. From the report, this year, in September seven or eight, the recruiting employer enthusiasm are very high, over 7 industry talent demand rose. What are the industry’s demand for talent? Which positions are the most competitive? Let’s look down. The total demand for talent 6 industries over 110 thousand people, according to the report, the third quarter of this year by the Guangxi talent recruitment network system with a total of 11375 units, the number of 148249 talents demand. Compared with the same period last year, the growth in the number of employing units is not much, but the demand for a substantial increase in the number of 31.01%. More than 70% types of industry talent demand increases, only information transmission, computer services and software industry, wholesale and retail, manufacturing, real estate, financial industry and other 6 industries, total demand will reach 114028 people, accounted for 76.92%. Take the information transmission computer services and software industry, the industry’s growing demand for talent, the third quarter talent demand approaching the National People’s Congress of, while the demand for the same period last year less than 15 thousand people. In this industry, e-commerce is the main force in the growth of demand for talent, talent demand reached 12321 people, an increase of up to 5 over the same period last year, up to 447.84%. Expert analysis, the Internet e-commerce has entered the people’s daily lives, with the continuous increase in the number of Internet Co, the Internet e-commerce industry post gap will become increasingly apparent. In addition, the demand for film and television class talent also increased significantly, although the demand base of less than a thousand people, but compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase of 137.38%. The fierce competition of civilian, accounting personnel, accounting clerk job, cooling and other traditional management positions has been popular seekers of all ages, everyone thinks that this kind of position, the entry threshold is low, the work is easy. However, the third quarter job seekers to traditional management positions in the pursuit of heat decreased, data show that the total supply of three kinds of traditional personnel management positions for 46487, compared with the same period last year fell slightly to 5.63%. Although some overall cooling, but still fierce competition. The number of job seekers in the top ten rankings, financial and tax audit statistics, administrative civilian logistics classes were ranked second, third, human resources and human resources is also ranked in the top five. Reporters noted that in the talent supply and demand than supply and demand, financial and tax auditing and statistics job ratio is pretty high, employers need only 3915 people, there are 20466 people to apply for a job, appeared over 5 applicants for every job; human resources personnel also followed the demand of less than 1800 people, but to attract more than 7 thousand job, talent supply and demand ratio of 4.19. Administrative civilian Logistics相关的主题文章:

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