Keep a "dog" robot, can run and jump and open the door for you to love this fan can run and jump, can also open the door over the wall, like the lively puppy four legged robot is Ghost Minitaur. The robot is 1.3 feet long (about 40 cm), the University of Pennsylvania (University of Pennsylvania) development, manufacturing Philadelphia Ghost Robotics company, it was like a small dog, the highest running speed of 4.5 miles (about 7.2 km). Whether walking, jogging, jumping, Ghost Minitaur can be easily completed, the research team has carried on a series of gait programming for it, it can even make like the gazelles quick jump action. Source: roboticgizmos Ghost Minitaur can also be inverted, 360 degrees flip is no problem, the most surprising thing is that it can turn over the vertical wire, open a door freely. At the beginning of the development of the robot, the researchers intend to imitate those who can also run on the rugged terrain of animals. University of Pennsylvania is responsible for robotics researcher Avik De said: "one of the two legs is leaping gait movement imitation animal force together to accelerate, and we plan for the future application in rugged terrain, so I would like to do some sort of action like crawling." Source: ghostrobotics Ghost Minitaur is the most special thing that it is directly driven by the motor, which means that its action depends only on the motor and built-in software to complete. This makes the Ghost Minitaur every time a new action, the limbs can quickly respond to external pressure, but also because the hardware structure is simple, so that the cost is greatly reduced. At present, the robots as long as the price of $10 thousand (about 66708 yuan), the Gavin Kenneally team members hope with the production scale, production costs can be reduced to $1500 (about 10006 yuan).相关的主题文章:

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