KG has become a respectable mentor for 10 years will still make it difficult to let go of the total defeat Kevin Garnett of sina sports news Beijing time on February 24th, according to the "Boston globe" reported that the Minnesota Timberwolves center Gorgi ging said the defeat in the 2010 finals still let Kevin Garnett to go, now every time speaking will anger. But he said KG rarely provided personal honor, is a very good tutorial. Minnesota for young players, KG is a respectable teacher. The mention of their future time but in juniors, KG will often bring their own past. Recently, Ji ang revealed KG often talks to play the Celtics had the 2009-10 season so that he could not let go. "He always spoke of defeat in the 2010 finals," Ji ang said, "I think he is still unable to accept. Whenever he talked about this, you can see he is still very angry." In 2010, the Celtics once 3-2 finals ahead of the Lakers, but eventually in 3-4 and misses, ging expects the series to defeat still clearly let KG feel tingling. "They were really very good, would have won," Ji ang says, "he has no idea that what is lost." However, although KG often mention the Celtics, but he rarely mentioned ging said personal honor. "Sometimes I just said," I have seen you at that time and a game, "he just laughed after hearing," Ji ang said, "he’s like," Hey, I was still young, I would like this or that. " He is a great teacher." Yesterday, the Timberwolves to a 124-122 win over the Celtics, but KG 12 consecutive game because of a knee injury sidelined, there are indications that this may be his last season. Although this season in the game with a handful, but Ji ang that the KG is still of great value, especially in training. "He will show us different moves, how to mobilize the defense of your players at a high level, and the necessity of communication," Ji ang said, "this is the most important, such as how to communicate with my teammates like. He was especially stressed that these. In NBA is relying on self-confidence, and he can help you build confidence. He often chat with you, as if you are the team ace, which is very valuable for a young team." (Chi Mei)

KG已成可敬导师 10年总决失利仍令其难以释怀 凯文-加内特   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月24日,据《波士顿环球报》报道,明尼苏达森林狼中锋戈尔吉-吉昂透露,2010年总决赛的失利仍让凯文-加内特难以释怀,如今每次说起还会愤怒。但他表示KG很少提个人荣誉,是名非常不错的导师。   对于森林狼的年轻球员来说,KG是一名可尊敬的导师。但在和后辈们提及他们的未来之际,KG也会时常提起自己的过去。   近日,吉昂透露KG时常会谈到效力凯尔特人时的经历,其中2009-10赛季令他无法释怀。“他总是谈到2010年总决赛的失利,”吉昂说,“我觉得他至今仍无法接受。每当他谈起这个,你都可以看到他依然无比愤怒。”   2010年总决赛凯尔特人一度3-2领先湖人,但最终却以3-4和冠军擦肩而过,吉昂认为这个系列赛的失利仍很明显地让KG内心感到刺痛。“他们当时真的非常出色,本来可以夺冠的,”吉昂说,“他至今都不明白到底是怎么输掉的。”   不过,尽管KG时常提起凯尔特人,但吉昂表示他却绝少提到个人荣誉。“有时我只是说,‘我曾看过你当时和某某人的比赛,’他听到后只是笑笑,”吉昂说,“他就像是,‘嘿,我当时还年轻啊,我会这样或那样。’他的确是个很棒的导师。”   昨天,森林狼以124-122战胜凯尔特人,但KG却因膝伤连续12场作壁上观,种种迹象表明这可能是他生涯最后一季。尽管本季在赛场上贡献寥寥,但吉昂认为KG仍很有价值,尤其是在训练中。   “他会向我们展示不同的脚步移动,如何在高位调动防守你的球员,以及交流的必要性等,”吉昂说,“这是最重要的,比如该怎样和队友交流之类的。他总是格外强调这些。在NBA混靠的就是自信,而他就能帮你建立信心。他经常会和你聊天,就好像你是球队的王牌球员一样,这对于一支年轻球队而言是无比珍贵的。”(魑魅)相关的主题文章:

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