Mobile-Cell-Phone Mobile phones are no doubt one of the best gift given by science and technology to the people and no one deny the fact that this palm size instrument has left a great impact on our life. Today one can easily see a mobile phone in almost everybody’s pocket, no matter the person is some business tycoon or just a simple vegetable seller. But the situation has not been the same since the beginning. Earlier, there was a time when people used to convey their messages either by sending letters or by personally visiting the other person’s house. That time nobody had ever imagined that one day a small palm size product would hit the market and soon turn into an inseparable part of people’s life. Such an overwhelming response from the people encouraged a lot of .panies to jump into the same business but only a few of them actually succeeded in making a special name for itself among the buyers. Nokia mobiles is unquestionably is one of the most appropriate name in the list of such .panies. Today the popularity of this particular brand among the people is such that even a school going kid can brief others for hours if the topic for the debate is Nokia especially Nokia mobile phones. In Q3/2008, Nokia left all its .petitors behind to be.e the largest manufacturers of mobile phones with a global device market share of 39.4% followed by South Korean .pany Samsung (17.3%), Sony Ericsson (8.6%) and Motorola (8.5%). With the help of these figures, one can easily make out how far Nokia is from its .petitors. With the concept of online shopping getting popular among the people, the success graph of Nokia has also gone up. Today almost every second shopping site is full of latest Nokia Mobiles and to attract more and more to their sites, these sellers attach lucrative offers and freebies with the main product. Its in the human nature that they invest their money on any product without doing a thorough research about the product especially its specifications, price tag and all. If the out.e of this research matches their needs and requirements then its OK or else people have a lot other options to make a choice. Quite interestingly Nokia mobiles is such a name which doesn’t require to go through such tests. Nevertheless if someone .pares Nokia phones with other mobile phones then most often or not, Nokia gets the result in its favour. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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