Liang Zhenying: support the interpretation to curb disruptive behavior – Sohu news according to Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily reported on November 7th, the National People’s Congress day by 155 votes unanimously adopted the" basic law "article 104th of the explanation, Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying immediately held a press conference to release the National People’s Congress emphasized the law support, the government and the public" any deliberate violation of the above provisions, in accordance with the law (oath) contempt procedures oath, nation, or even to insult advocating secession or sovereignty, must stop processing, solemn law". Liang Zhenying took the lead in criticism in the press conference, ndyp elected members of the Legislative Council and Liang Songheng Huizhen tour swearing in, intentionally violating the oath oath procedures and regulations, and even make insulting the country’s words and deeds, to promote Hong Kong independence advocates, a serious impact on the rule of law, the destruction of "one country two systems", "effects caused great impact and extremely bad". He pointed out that the National People’s Congress often according to the "basic law" provisions of interpretation is an important part of the Hongkong constitutional and legal system, the explanation is to ensure that the 104 listed public officials to ensure the accuracy and integrity of law must be sworn oath, further clarify the "not sincere, not to any serious way" the oath is sworn people refused to take the oath, lost public right and the corresponding treatment related consequences, so he and the government of the relevant interpretation support. He stressed that as the head of responsibility according to the "basic law" Article 48 implementation of the "basic law", "I will be the full implementation of the SAR government, reiterated that Hongkong is a part of the country can not be separated," all the people of Hongkong have the responsibility to safeguard national unity, territorial integrity and security, and national dignity and interests". Liang Zhenying also live on the community will have the responsibility to support the identity of every member of the People’s Republic of China Hongkong Special Administrative Region of the "basic law" and allegiance to the People’s Republic of China Special Administrative Region of Hongkong, and the implementation of "one country two systems" under the constitutional arrangements and regulations.   相关的主题文章:

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